Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 68


Patch 2.3 is here! Have you successfully defended Eorzea and completed the Main Scenario quests? Or perhaps you’ve climbed to the top of Syrcus Tower, battled the Grand Companies on the Frontline or tracked down the elusive marks of the Hunt?

We want to hear what you’ve done this week! Drop a comment below and we’ll read them on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio which is set to broadcast live from our Twitch channel this Saturday at 3:00 PM EST!

3 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 68

  1. Got my Bravura Novus as well as my Glided Magitek Mount. Finished main scenario and am losing my mind working towards my sands of time via hunts. Also enjoying Syrcus Tower, hoping to get Oils of time and the onion knight mount.
    Found a crafter to make my augemented af armor on warrior which I dyed Royal Blue and it came out great!

    Looking forward to participating in Frontlines when they fix the queue soon =)

    Kluya Heiral – Hyperion

  2. Been working the hunt… but I will tell you that they need to fix it a bit.

    The weekly mark badly needs to be toughened up or put on a faster timer… people are at each others throats out there…

  3. A few members of my FC and I enjoyed running the new dungeons blind which was the first time I’ve run something in this game where everything wasn’t explained ahead of time. Also did Syrcus Tower where I got the Oils of time and finished the main story again.

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