Aetheryte Radio 67: Romancing The NPC


Aetheryte Radio is back to get you caught up on the large, book-like preliminary notes for Patch 2.3!

Listen in as the hosts talk about what they’re looking forward to the most when Defenders of Eorzea Shield Oaths in tomorrow!

We also read your Bragging Rights and see what you’re been doing in preparation for defending the realm as well as your comments about which NPC you would like to romance if given the option.

We’ll be back live again this coming Saturday at 3:00pm EST on our Twitch channel to talk about our impressions of the patch! Make sure to leave a comment up in the Bragging Rights post that will appear during the week and let us know what you’ve been doing in 2.3!

2 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 67: Romancing The NPC

  1. Yep.. Bard and Tank stuff all day every day. >.<

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