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We Asked The FFXIV Team: Which NPC Would You Romance?

26 Jun 2014


Back at E3 we got the chance to sit down with Naoki Yoshida and Koji Fox to get some info on a whole bunch of different topics.

However, there was one question we asked that wasn’t put into those write-ups and it’s something we also asked the members of the Community Team.

Some of you might remember the April 1st post on the FFXIV Developer’s Blog introducing the “Favour” system– a new game feature that would essentially allow you to romance your favorite NPCs in the game. Unfortunately for some, the date that this was posted says it all. It was a joke.

However, that got us thinking. If the people behind Final Fantasy XIV could romance an NPC, who would they pick? So we asked them!

Naoki Yoshida

The woman in charge of Bentbranch Meadows. Her love for the Chocobos… that kind of true and pure love, I really love that.

I also like the innocence of Tataru from the Scions.


Not Minfilia though, I’d worry that she’d call me up every 5 minutes on the linkshell.


Michael-Christopher Koji Fox “Fernehalwes”

My reason would be based purely on the voice. I know Yoshida said he would never date Minfilia because she’d be calling up every 5 minuets “hey what are you doing right now?”

minfiliaThe voice actress for her… I love her voice. I can see why some people might not like it, but for me, that voice is the perfect voice. When I first heard it when deciding on voices I said “we have to use her, yeah she’s a pain but if she has that voice I’ll do anything she says!” So yes, I would definitely choose Minfilia.


Matt Hilton “Bayohne”

I’d choose to romance Minfilia. A lot of players give her grief for being too clingy and always needing attention, but I’m totally fine with that. I know she just wants to know where I am, if I’m safe, if I’m partying with other ladies without her, if I talked to another woman, if I looked at another woman, or if I saw another woman in my periphery. But I’m fine with that. I think it makes sense to get close to the leader of Scions of the Seventh Dawn and slowly take control… I mean, truly love Minfilia.


Robert Peeler “Hvinire”

I’m a Siren man myself. You may say that she simply bewitches men to fall in love with her, but she doesn’t have to cast a spell on me to win my affections!


Plus, no one in Eorzea has a better singing voice, and I’ve always been a sucker for female vocalists.


Devin Casadey “Camate”

I’d have a tough time choosing between either Yda of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn or K’lyhia from the Arcanist class quests. Yda has an awesome personality that is strong and open, AND to top it off she is a pugilist! (If you know me, you shouldn’t have to ask why I think that’s awesome :P ) I can imagine us goin’ out for a night on the town – bootshinin’ our foes down, fists-a-blazin’!


On the other hand, K’lyhia is super intelligent and has a very strategic mind, which I really dig. Since she devotes her time to studying her grimoires, I’m pretty sure she would have a lot of great things to talk about over some Vintage Wine.

I suppose if it really came down to me having to make a choice, I’d probably lean more towards K’lyhia.  :D


Bonus Round!

We also caught up with former Community Team members and posed the question to them as well!


I’d choose Merlwyb! She’s such a bad ass!




Cid! Before the beard though. A man who can fly an airship and has those looks is okay in my book!


aetheryteradioiconNow we pose the question to you! Which NPC would you romance if given the option? Why?

Leave your answer in the comments below and we’ll read some on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio!