Eorzea’s Voice: Coil Me Maybe


“Coil.” What is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when seeing this word? A copper coil? A coil of wire?  Perhaps. But when one speaks the word “Coil” in the world of Eorzea, they are referring to The Binding Coil of Bahamut – the raid that knows no bounds and tests the willpower and patience of players. It is, without delving into the lore, a dungeon raid that connects the end of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 with the beginning of A Realm Reborn. It is not an easy dungeon, as it throws all new mechanics at parties, threatening to destroy them. Basically, this is the type of content endgame players have been waiting for. Instead of being able to frolic their way through Tonberry Land and mercilessly mauling King Tonberry, players must instead face the pain of experiencing swift deaths. Quite often they do.

I will admit – the 1st Turn through the 4th Turn are now quite relaxed thanks to the nerfs and The Echo, but they prepare players for the future turns in the raid. The first turn of the First Binding Coil of Bahamut requires players to take down two foes at the same time, the second turn requires mastering timing akin to “hot potato,” the third turn is a bit of a freebee, but it is beneficial to keep a quickly moving party together, and the fourth turn is a major DPS check against multiple waves of mobs. The final turn of the first Coil is all of the previous turns smushed together.  So what do all of these turns have in common?


“They’re deadly?”

Sort of.

“They drop high level gear?”

Well, obviously!

“They all need… tanks?”

Just… stop.

All turns require intense and immense coordination. A strong synergy between players.  Friendship!

Some groups have it, some groups don’t. It is all about trial and error until players are able to read each others’ minds. Granted, what also comes with this is drama. Coil has had a tendency for players to allow their emotions to get the best of them at times. For example, I hear of horror stories where in pick-up groups (known as PUGs), players would “ninja-loot” – as in snatch loot promised to another player right under the group’s nose and flee – all while laughing maniacally. I have also experienced and handled (as a leader of a static not long ago) players arguing and downright leaving over loot or frustration.  That being said, it can all be great fun. It can be a great bonding opportunity with fellow players as they laugh together while getting their butts handed to them by various mechanics, let alone the absolute high from completing a turn. It can be a hit or miss experience for many. How do fellow players react to this, though?


“I’m a newbie of Coil so I have little to say. First off: I think they ruined T2.

The Enrage thing is a “quick” method of bypassing all mechanics and [is] basically a heal spam fest as fast as you can with a DPS race to the finish. I’ll never find out what Allagan’s Rot or whatever is first-hand because no one wants to do it. Not even friends. I’m pretty upset. People claim this game is pretty easy, and they find shortcuts to make things easier. SE said themselves it’s not a “cheat” so it’s pretty much allowed. They’ve wasted time making this turn because people bypass everything and make it easy. So you essentially sit bored for 10 mins till he Enrages… boring and sad.

T3: I’m a healer, I queued. It takes me more than 30 mins (it says) to even do it. I was told it was just a fun run. Hahaha, a fun run. People don’t do coil for fun. They do it to gear [Imo… I do it for both]. So I’m probably never know what goes on there. SE should make T3 useful in some way. I’d personally do it for materia making but y’know… No fun allowed.” – Cress Albane, Leviathan

I do agree with everything this player has said. I only have been able to do Allagan Rot mode for T2 once. Truth be told, I loved the mechanic a lot and wished other players did this more often. And waiting for “enraged” in T2 did bore me some, despite having silly conversations or dancing competitions. I prefer hot potato! Not only that, but I make it an encouragement for new players to experience T3 at least once and not let anyone stop them in doing so. There will be players wanting to do T3, so do try it at least once. It is worth the bounciness.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 04.28.12

“I’m enjoying 1 and 2 at the moment; helping friends get geared up so we can tackle more of the turns.” – Brin Zalazar, Sargatanas

Ah, the good ol’ days. The days where T1 and T2 were considered tough (granted if one doesn’t exploit the “enraged” mode). When Coil no longer held a weekly lock, I snagged a bunch of friends and we farmed gear. It was nice that the first Coil was freed, making the experience more enjoyable rather than nerve-wracking.

“Steamrolled turn 6, and with turn 7 we struggled with for 2 days then beat it. Now we are working on turn 8, and last week we got avatar to Allagan field, I’m hoping to beat it or get close by today. Can’t wait to fight turn 9. I’m ready for the repeated wipe nights. WOOOO! *blows tiny party favor*” – Judge Justus, Balmung

Don’t know what an avatar is, but I am really looking forward to knowing what it is! Sometimes people are thrilled for wipe fests. Wiping often at first brings a few great laughs. Not so much after fifty wipes.

“I enjoyed the First Coil of Bahamut because the community was willing to be patient and give time. Yet just like you could expect of difficult content, secluded clubs formed, and people’s patience started to run out. The community eventually becomes too toxic for end game environment and thus I avoid the Second Coil of Bahamut. I tried Turn 6 once – little mistakes that were fixable, but it was doable once people realized that getting down the mechanics was more important than DPS itself. Sadly, it was nothing but bickering and whining by the 3rd attempt, which I expected. Nothing but “I don’t wanna hear it,” “It’s your fault not mine,” “OMG we won’t kill it with this group,” “We don’t have the DPS for this”. A lot of this becomes the norm at end game when difficulty leads to frustration. I don’t blame people that want to get it done but it won’t when patience is such a thin layer on players you end up grouping with. When raid difficulty consists of everyone needing to do their job, then it means that it takes 1 person to block the rest from progression. To make matters worse, gating story behind Coil just sucks even more.” – Gormogon Maxwell, Faerie

Screenshot 2014-06-26 05.17.10

This is what I have been seeing. People lose their cool quickly, and the synergy just isn’t there. Granted, a lot of PUG groups do persist and have fun as they fight toward victory. But one thing I have learned throughout my Coil experience: You cannot lack patience. At all.

“Figured I’d post it up in here. All in all, I’ve very much enjoyed Coil. I felt like 1 – 4 were decently paced and hard in their own ways, then when my static got to T5 we just hit a wall. Our FC actually almost broke up over a decision to use a different strat. We went out on a limb and picked up some newish players and caught them up and ended up killing it server 4th with our new strat. It was so exhilarating when she finally died. I hadn’t had that much fun since I was back in WOTLK.

Cue Turns 6 – 9

My new FC static came into this content ready to kill everything, but wow were we a bit surprised. Like many guilds, we hit a wall on T7, and lost 2 of our members to it. This was prolly the saddest point of me playing FFXIV. I thought, this is it, we’re done. But another guild had had a static break down and luckily 2 of their top notch members wanted to continue raiding, so we created a LS (both groups had officers and ties + guild housing). Our new static hit the ground running. We blew through 6 – 8 and finally came up against the White Raven.

Turn 9… just WOW. Killing it was way more satisfying than killing Twintania.

All in all, I had a lot of fun and great memories in all the Coils. We had a mishap of my scholar healer blowing healer LB 3 right as we went into Heavensfall phase in T9. The laughs we all had. And though we run it on farm now till new content, it doesn’t make it any less fun than the first time.” – Woona Button, Leviathan

This player here embraces the positives of Coil. Assuredly, there is much pain and torture and even loss of fellow static mates, but in the end, if the group is strong in will and synergy, they can hold on and conquer anything thrown at them. The best part is the satisfaction of winning after getting wailed on repeatedly. As mentioned previously, laughing during raids help immensely. Jokes keep the group cool-headed and be able to maintain the morale.

“Overall, Square wanted more people to do Coil by putting high item level rewards in it – ok sounds good – but to increase the difficulty to a level of well… one person messing up at any given point and wiping the party was a terrible design feature. It is like the whole Second Coil update is more about one shots than anything – example is blight in 6, the petrification rotations in 7, the missile and shield mechanic in 8 and haven’t seen 9. This, along with the already toxic community of know it or GTFO, gives players no reason to even attempt it, whether or not it gives the highest iLvl, which I highly disagree with because some of us are not blessed by RNJesus. If only 10% of the community did 1 – 5 I bet maybe 5% or lower do any Second Coil because I rarely see any PF groups, but again just because I don’t see those do not mean that there are not less people doing coil. It is just a wake up to SE to acknowledge that putting similar iLvl gear for tomes or in Coil will not make more players to do Coil. You can lead the horse to water, SE, but you cannot make it drink.” – Holo Wisewolf, Excalibur


Hrm, this player makes good points, but at the same time, I think Coil is about group effort and synergy. There have been trials faced in dungeons, CT, and Primals, but Coil requires more focus and is a test of player skills. What I don’t agree with is the fact it ties heavily into the main story and players need to progress in these trials in order to see what unfolds. When I did Coil, I did not nearly care as much for the loot so much as what the story lead into. And thus far, the story is worth it. However, when I practiced in PFs, no one was raging at each other. Maybe I lucked out, but I found the community for learning PTs in Hyperion to be pretty nice in general.

“I like to think of Coil 1 – 4 as SE priming us for raid mechanics… With Turn 5 being the first real test, and 6 – 9 starting to get into the reaaaaal difficult stuff.

Coil Turn One introduced us to the idea of needing to both silence and dodge things (Mini ADS). It taught us the mechanic of feeding slimes, although people who had good gear didn’t even have to bother with feeding slimes. There was a slight DPS check on Turn 1, because the snakes would slowly deal more and more damage until it was impossible for tanks/healers to keep up — without being fed more slimes, of course. So, DPS really needed to give it their all and know what they were doing. Fortunately, besides melee baiting tailswipe and ranged stepping out of pools, there wasn’t much movement required. Just step off a platform when it lights up. Coordinating two snakes dying at the same time was also a fun new way to make fights a bit more thought-provoking for DPS.

Turn Two, sans ‘enrage’ method, introduced the first mechanic in raid that required us to actually watch our debuff timers (due to how rot/immunity works). Many groups would make a specific formation to ‘pass’ rot, even going as far as to add numbers to people. Latency was somewhat important due to the laser beam, and I feel this is the first coil fight where people REALLY benefited from memorizing the boss’s ability rotation. Don’t forget — before echo buff was added (and the fight was adjusted), the paralyze from High Voltage was very, very unforgiving and COULD wipe the raid. A lot of pressure was put on paladins and bards to interrupt that with silence.

Turn Three was a fun romp through the underground, simulating our ‘descent’. It introduced platforms which didn’t come into play again until Turn 8, but they do not play a huge role on that turn either.

Turn Four did not have any mechanics like ADS did, but it was a very strong DPS and Healing check before the introduction of echo. The first dreadnought absolutely must be killed before phase 4, or it’s basically a wipe. I remember when my static first did this fight, before many people had gear… It was hard. We had to use pots to pass this point. Besides that, this fight is all about positioning and kill order. This is the first coil turn where I really saw a divide in strategy, because you REALLY had a choice about which priority you wanted to kill mobs in. For instance, in phase 5… there are a dreadnought and a soldier + knight. Which do you kill first? Most groups I’ve been in will kill the soldier + knight first, while other groups prefer burning the dreadnought. It’s all about preference. Healers, too, must learn how to prioritize their healing, because phase 6 is incredibly healing intensive. Tanks must know when to pop cooldowns. It’s all very tight timing, but no sort of real mechanics to outright avoid (except Pox, which you can avoid like slipstream).

Turn 5 was probably so hard, at the start, for two reasons. SE made this fight so that people would really have to push their jobs to the limit, even with the best gear. It wasn’t uncommon for groups to easily deal with the mechanics, but be unable to win because they hit the enrage timer. It basically took all the lessons taught in 1 – 4 and forced players to use them. Character placement was very important for the fireball/conflag phase (call back to Turn 1 + 4). Dodging things is very important for divebombs/twisters (call back to Turn 2). Using stuns (rather than silences) was important on the dreadknights, although miasma/stone/lethargy does help (call back to Turn 1 + 2). Placement, again, comes into play with hatches and making sure you’re not dragging liquid hell to the wrong places. Turns 1 – 4 helped prepare players for Turn 5, but the DPS/healing check on it was so tight that it took many groups several weeks to conquer. I am very, very glad SE decided to stop providing the echo buff beyond 15%, because now the fight is doable for the majority of players if they learn the mechanics. It is unlikely a group will hit enrage without a lot of people nearly dying. The snake phase is much easier to deal with, as well.

I believe Coil 6 – 9 is considerably more difficult, mechanic-wise. These fights are SO MECHANIC-HEAVY. By that I mean, there are mechanics you absolutely must obey because one mess-up can and often does wipe the raid. The only similar mechanic before that was in T5 — twisters (MPKing others), and divebombs. Stand in the wrong place and all your teammates could get hit. Rot from T2 would also be an insta-wipe, but with the introduction of the enrage method, people were able to bypass that. The enrage in T6 happens if you choose to use the burn method, but you could also use a superslug method if your group is incapable of doing the burn method. You CAN hit the enrage in T7 if multiple people die throughout the fight, but that’s only happened to my group once (because we had a LOT OF DEATHS in the beginning). It also prevents groups from ‘holding’ the boss in phase 1 to get all Renauds down while it is easiest to do. Again, T6 and T7 are all about mechanics. I personally love the premise of T8 because you have SO MANY CHOICES about which towers to pop first (although of course a lot of people will prefer one way). I love that all the turns have given us so many choices about how we want to do the fight… it’s easy for groups to adapt, and I personally feel these fights are more melee heavy than 1 – 5. For example, melee won’t even become a possible target for fireball in T7 if they are within the boss’s range. They do, however, need to avoid the boss’s own AoE… that’s not hard, though. “On-the-fly” communication starts becoming super important in T8 and T9, due to the randomness factor of certain things.” – Ryuko Kanzeon, Hyperion

Although a very long opinion, this opinion sums up my feelings about The Binding Coil of Bahamut. A lot is communication based and Coil is just very synergy-oriented, as I mentioned before.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 03.54.40

“I think the Coil lockouts have created a mentality within the community which believes that you must be in a static group in order to progress in the game. This idea is incredibly toxic to the community as it forces players into small exclusive cliques of people who only play together and at times even look down upon others. Even those who would normally be very friendly and helpful have no choice but to exclude even their friends and Free Company members because helping them could infringe upon the weekly progress of their static group.

In other words, lockouts cause otherwise kind people to act like a*******.

It is my opinion that this aspect of the game (lockouts) is the single greatest threat to the long term success of FFXIV.

We understand the need for content gates, but do it in a way that lets me play with more than 7 other people.” – Zetsumei Tsunarashi, Sargatanas

There were a few comments that were fairly similar to this opinion, and I comprehended this thought easily. It is all about picking and choosing, and that isn’t exactly fun for a lot of people. But people can seek out statics in my belief, band together, and perhaps have a few good laughs. What it can also cause, however, is stress on the team, which causes the dissipation of synergy within the party.

“Lockouts are the most annoying thing, I want to run the content with different players each night, friends strangers whoever. I mean, yes, you do build a good bond with a static but all that happens is you end up with segregated Free Companies. There’s so much emphasis on getting a FC, building a house, ranking it up etc. But all it really boils down to is a chat room and meeting place for you and your friends to shoot the s*** and run some dungeons or Primals.

In 1.0, our whole LS would meet up and head on over to Garuda, Moogles, AV or CC, then we’d either make a couple parties from what we had, or swap people in and out of a single party. Now swapping people in and out sounds worse than having solid statics, but the thing was on these event nights it involved the whole LS and we were all chatting about the runs while out of party and afterwards we would all discuss things as a group. Now it’s just the same 8 people doing this in their own private groups, which saddens me as I miss the fun we used to have on those event nights. This is also the fault of DF making it irrelevant for us to even bother meeting up in the first place, but that’s a whole other topic of discussion.” – Mog Net, Excalibur

I remember the days when LSes would meet up and head on over to the destination of a run. Unfortunately, I ran an LS rather haphazardly, so we didn’t do a lot together. I just befriended some new people and we would go out and take down Garuda, etc. Okay, I never could take down Garuda, but I suppose I’m more referring to Moogles and other content. I think FCs don’t become strictly segregated if the same members within an FC come together for additional FC statics, because they can talk about the “horrors” of new mechanics and what-not. Then again, there is a matter of pacing. And possible stress within the group, which can cause a segregation within the FC.

“Coil is good content. Hard, engaging and good drops. The lunch table 8 man static thing is terrible. The lockout is also terrible design. Why can’t I repeat the content? I pay to play. I’m cool with CT gear lockouts but not being able to run content is terrible especially for a pay to play game.” – Sir Taint, Behemoth

Lockout seems to be the winner when it comes to negative aspects, and I surely agree with the other people. You cannot help friends in a strict lockout, or you can help friends, but you’d be ahead of your team when they’re attempting to clear the previous two turns. All I can hope for is the same conditions of The First Binding Coil of Bahamut – A patch that includes opening the lock after the next Coil is introduced. Patience will just have to persevere.


“I like the Coil encounters for the most part. (Really don’t care for T6 too much) Early on, it’s fresh and challenging. Once you’ve done it so many times though, it’s pretty easily doable, but you still have to devise those strategies that work for you to get to that point. This week we wiped a couple times on T6 just trying different things instead of going to safe route with 2 bees, then just went back to our old strat as not to waste so much time. T7 and T8 were one shots. My group is currently working on T9 and it’s pretty challenging and mistakes made are very unforgiving. That seems to be the theme of the entire Second Binding Coil actually.

Overall I’m pleased with the design of Coil and am glad people are able to devise alternate strategies that work better for their group instead of doing everything one way. I’m actually looking forward to the next Crystal Tower to have a more relaxed raid environment for a while.” – Orophin Calmcacil, Excalibur

Very oddly enough, I look forward to the next Crystal Tower as well, as it comes with quite the social grab-bag and reminiscence of previous Final Fantasy games.

“All you gotta do is not [screw] up.” – Neone Nosredna & Almalexia Indoril, Hyperion

The original word actually caused both of them to be banned from the forums. Anyway, their advice, although seemingly simple, seems to be the case when it comes to the raid. The more success/progress, the less tense situations become. The more mistakes and death, the further tension increases.

Much longer than the previous article’s opinions, it appears that people are passionate over Coil. Additionally, I also received more replies when I gathered information. Coil is important, as so far it appears to be the endgame king. Though it comes with its flaws, The Binding Coil is an interesting challenge for those that attempt it. It tests not only the individual ability, but the cohesion and synergy of the group. Some succeed, and some do not, but the fun lies within the journey. Players, what do you think of the Binding Coil of Bahamut? Now’s your chance to vocalize your opinions in this article! Please share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages, partake in the poll below, or email me directly at [email protected].

Next time, we will be touching upon the topic of 2.28/Novus as well as the upcoming patches of both 2.3 and 2.4. Until then, Till the Sea Swallows All!

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