Defenders of Eorzea Trailer Recap

The trailer for Patch 2.3 is out! That means it’s time for another trailer recap!

Did you see the tiny Ramuhs? The Hildibrand picture? Do you know who that floating head is inside of Tam-tara Deepcroft? Take a look as we take a close look at what’s to come in Defenders of Eorzea!


One thought on “Defenders of Eorzea Trailer Recap

  1. They REALLY need to get away from doing the same few things over and over (and making them they only place to get the top gear) and by that i mean coil/hardmode dungeons (most are old ones reskinned and they are all the same fricken layout) and a primal with a hard/extreme mode attached.

    What the heck happened to some of the cool stuff from 1.0? open dungeons, NMs (and the pop system that can be used with leve’s) dungeons with multiple routes and ways to finish them, chocobo escorts, hamlet defense, skirmish…ect.

    Its like they come up with a bunch of great stuff and just toss it all away for some dumb reason. Im done subbing if all we are getting is basically the same patches every time.

    Also stop with making everything glow, at the most they should be reserved for only the best of the best stuff and not at 50 cap -_- (i mean where the hell do you go from there? glow harder?)

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