Lorecast 3: E3 2014 Interview With Fernehalwes


At last week’s E3, we were able to sit down and talk with the almighty lore ahriman himself, Michael-Christopher Koji Fox aka Fernehalwes! Spoiler warning! We talk about the Second Binding Coil a bit!

Listen in as we go over the Q and A! You can read the full write up here.

5 thoughts on “Lorecast 3: E3 2014 Interview With Fernehalwes

  1. The Kobolds’ wills become cracked/crushed. He’s the Lord of Crags damn it!

    1. So instead of Stoned Kobolds we have Cracked out Kobolds? Not sure if that’s any better haha.

  2. Man think there will be an offhand item for summoner to get mini full sized summons?

  3. all this Horn talk reminds me of summoner’s AF but maybe the relic will eventually do it perhaps

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