E3 Day 1: What's On The Show Floor

11 Jun 2014

The official Day 1 of E3 has come and gone and being the first day that the convention show floor was open there was a lot to see and do. The big players: Nintendo, Ubisoft, Square Enix, EA, Activition…they all had enormous booths with enormous lines with the world’s premier media at their front lines. This year, I am honored to say: we were one of them. Let’s take a look at what the show floor had to offer.


Being that this is a video games trade show, it couldn’t be more appropriate to look at…well, games! Browsing the massive expo rooms gave us a good sense of what we can expect over the coming years.


Square Enix, for example, had a bunch of great games showcased at their booth. Attendees got to play Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, Theatrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and Murdered: Soul Suspect. We were also given a chance to tackle Leviathan in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which ended up being quite the challenge. Also present were trailers for recently announced games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Agito, Dead Island 2, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. Quite the repertoire! Unfortunately, as some of the internet has made known, any mention of Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest, or Deus Ex was noticeably absent – however, hope is not all lost as there are plenty of press meetings to be had with SE over the next few days. We’ll see what they have in store.

We also had the chance to see the Live Letter from the Producer in person. They had a neat little booth setup under the returning Square Enix Presents banner. Here is the team prepping for the Live Letter.


Also shown on the E3 floor was a preview of the newest Doom. While pretty much unannounced, the teaser trailer appears to have been prepared specially for E3. You can check that out below. If you’re a Doom fan (or even if you weren’t) the teaser turned out to be quite a surprise. Fingers crossed it’s a good surprise.

The latest game out of Turtle Rock Studios, the guys who brought us Left 4 Dead, EVOLVE, also had an enormous presence at E3. How big, you ask? Well, actually, about this big….



Hash tagged as #4v1 its a game about 4 players against one big and powerful monster, controlled by another human player. We had attempted to give it a go but the line proved to be bigger than the monster statue you see above. We’ll see about getting a first look in the days to come.

Moving along in the world of beasts and monsters, another game made up a large chunk of the lines on the showroom floor. Alien: Isolation, was also available for attendees to play along with a new gameplay trailer to show you what it really means to be hunted by an Alien. You can check out just how hard it is to survive below.

Last but, not least, we had a chance to check out War Thunder. While War Thunder is not a new game by any means – it’s now out on both PC and PS4 – what made this game so special can be summed up in two things: Cross-platform and the Oculus Rift.



For those who don’t know, War Thunder is a game about World War II with realistic damage models, realistic physics, and exacting war simulation physics. And put in that context, I have to say that the Oculus Rift is perfect. While we can’t really share all the details behind the Oculus version, we can say that it works, which in itself is impressive. We also had a chance to see something quite amazing: a truly cross-platform game. War Thunder was able to have us try the game across multiple platforms such a Mac, PC, Android, and PS4, all while playing in the same match on the same servers. Rumors have it that it could be the most cross-compatible game ever made. Exciting stuff!


The world of gaming peripherals had a huge presence this year, and a lot of the appointments to be had played right to that tone. With Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus just around the computer, we also saw a lot of peripheral companies following suit with Gaming sim chairs, PC gaming accessories, and the like. We could also see trends having to do with Living Room gaming, such as the following from Roccat.


Known as the Sova, the keyboard mousepad combo is designed for play in the living room. Made out of solid aluminum, this device is a 10 keyless mechanical gaming keyboard (The prototype is made with Cherry MX Blacks) with a gaming grade mousepad that allows you to use any gaming mouse you prefer, not just the Roccat one supplied in the photo above. The keyboard is pretty much exactly what one would want to play PC games in the living room, with an adequate wrist rest. Oh, and here’s the kicker. Its wireless and works on PS4. Perfect for that occasional FFXIV session on the big screen.

We also had a good look at some of the simulation peripherals available – namely Playseat and Logitech. Playseat is a european based company that make racing and flight simulation seats and frames for the consumer market. At E3 this year they added a few products to their line – the Formula One seat in silver as well as an entire line of products in partnership with Top Gear. You can check out some of what they had to offer below.


We also had a chat with PC peripheral maker Racer and consoler peripheral maker Nyko. While the stuff they were offering isn’t much different from usual, we did see a few new things. From Razer, we saw a working version of the Razer Nabu, as well as a Razer designed mobile iPhone controller and a showcase of the World of Tanks branded gear. From Nyko, we saw a slew of Xbox One and PS4 accessories, from controllers, to charging stations to cooling units. You can check out what these two manufacturers had in store below.

Unfortunately, that was all we had time for outside of the many games and appointments. It was a busy day at E3 and there was a lot to see and do – its a good thing we have two more days! Stay tuned for more coverage as we explore the show floor further and look forward to our interview with Square Enix for Final Fantasy XIV and more!