PlayStation Vita E3 Trailer, What's Coming Next

10 Jun 2014


The PlayStation Vita has been the butt of more than a few jokes since its release. Currently in a distant second to the Nintendo 3DS and struggling to even match sales numbers with the PSP, the Vita’s reputation isn’t exactly a glowing one. Even during Sony’s E3 conference last night, the Vita got little more than a passing mention. Although it was said that there’s “more than 100” games currently in development for the system, the biggest reveal was a port of Minecraft.

It does seem, though, that Sony did produce an E3 trailer for upcoming Vita games. They just decided to not include it in their conference. The trailer was released on the PlayStation YouTube channel yesterday, and features a number of upcoming games, including Tales of Hearts R, Freedom Wars, and The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Check out the trailer below!