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Suggestion/Idea Show members of the FC in the map

Camate's AvatarGreetings, everyone!

Thanks for the suggestions. 

In the past we commented that it would be difficult to implement settings that would allow you to change nameplate colors for certain players, but the status has changed slightly and below is a message from Hiroshi Minagawa with an update.

Hiroshi_Minagawa's AvatarPreviously I made a comment in response to a request to make it possible to change the nameplate color settings of LS members, FC members, and friends, and I mentioned that it would be difficult to do.

Considering the concerns for worst case scenario when it comes to FC and LS members, there is no change to the fact that we will have to decide on how to handle this extremely carefully.

However, we’ve confirmed that there are no issues when it comes to changing the color of the nameplate for players on your friend list and I’m happy to say that we will be aiming to implement this feature in patch 2.28. We’re currently in the midst of performing our final checks, so hang in there a bit until it’s implemented!

Manor instruments issue – Not playing automatically

Camate's AvatarGreetings,

We understand that when you interact with an instrument in your house the latest status (whether it’s on or off) is saved and there are often cases where it’s actually on but there is no sound coming from it.

In order to eliminate these cases, in patch 2.28 we’ll be correcting this so that after the song has finished playing it will automatically turn off.

My retainer found something interesting…?

Camate's AvatarDid your retainer really brave the Binding Coil for that Diagnostics Module? Or was it pilfered from your next door neighbor? To explain the enigma that is retainer ventures, we consulted our lore masters to discover what retainers are really up to.

When assigned to a quick exploration, retainers can bring back anything from furnishings to gear. The original explanation for this was a storage facility created by the Adventurers’ Guild, which held goods deemed no longer of use. Left to their own devices, retainers would rummage through this warehouse during quick exploration ventures to surprise clients with their alleged findings.

In the end, however, we decided the explanation is better left to the imagination of our players.

We only hope that your retainers don’t make a habit of breaking the law.

So when your retainer brings back that Minute Mindflayer, its origin can be a story all your own. Perhaps it was carefully crafted in your retainers’ spare time, or maybe they found it abandoned in an alley and seized the opportunity. We hope players will enjoy creating back stories for the items found by their retainers.

As an aside, my retainer doesn’t like to bring me anything of worth these days since I accidentally rejected her beautiful gift awhile ago…

Gardening – Harvesting

Camate's AvatarGreetings, green thumbs!

With only certain NPCs selling gyashl greens, it might be somewhat of an inconvenience to leave your house and go shopping at these particular parts of the world, so some time after patch 2.3 we’ll be making it possible to grow your own in your gardens.

Suggestion: Patch 2.xx: Revolution of the Hand

Camate's AvatarGreetings,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Currently when it comes to daily content for Disciples of the Hand and Land there are provisioning and supply missions for the grand companies, but the team is also working on implementing daily quests for these classes.

Keep an eye out for details!

I don’t think the Duty Roulette is working correctly

Camate's AvatarGreetings,

As mentioned in this thread already, there are cases where there is delay between the displayed role bonus for roles that are in demand and when the window actually pops for you to enter a dungeon. Even though the conditions for what roles are needed may change while you are waiting, you will still receive the role bonus that was displayed when you complete your duty.

1 time only items missing from Calamity merchant

Camate's AvatarGreetings,

Blindheart's Avatar

I’ve noticed a number of 1time only quest items that are not purchasable on the Calamaty Scavenger

Custom-made items from level 5 class quests
Scale Mail
Robe of Casting
Robe of Healing

Due to their popularity with the advent of the Glamours system, in patch 2.3 we will be making these items available from Calamity Salvager NPCs.

Housing Ideas and Feature Requests

Iveriad's Avatar

Can we add food items for decorations?

That way Cullinarian can contribute something to housing.

Camate's AvatarFood item decorations, eh? Real or fake? If I saw food scattered around the house chances are it wouldn’t be a decoration for very long.

Joking aside, the development team is working to implement this, but they’ll be making it so you can create food as furnishings and it wouldn’t be the food you actually make to eat that is placed on your tables and such.

They are however looking into whether they can add elements where you can eat these objects you place on your table (don’t invite me over…).

Once I receive word on the implementation timing I’ll be sure to share.