Halo 5 Announced for Xbox One - Coming 2015

16 May 2014

Today Microsoft and 343 Industries, the studio behind Halo 4, officially announced the next installment in Master Chief Saga. The official title is Halo 5: Guardians, and it promises to be a much “bigger effort than Halo 4.”

According to 343 Industries Bonnie Ross, the new Halo game is all about new stuff. New game, new engine, new console, new characters. They aim to boast the full next-gen console experience – with the entirety of 343 talent pool behind it to really show the world whats-what.

Other than that, we don’t know too many specifics of the game. The currently released artwork shows Master Chief and another mysterious other character, who has been confirmed to NOT be Cortana. We also know that it’ll run on dedicated servers and at a full 60 frames per second and its release is scheduled for 2015, the same year as Spielberg’s Television adaptation of Halo.  We can also expect to see more about it at E3 this year.

“Many fans noted that I was very deliberate with my phrasing on stage at E3 last year. I spoke about a “journey,” rather than a destination – and that journey definitely begins in 2014 with a giant leap, rather than one small step. We’ll give you much more information about our plans for this year at the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing on June 9, and we’re confident that “Halo” fans will be pretty excited about the special plans we have in store.” Ross writes in the official Press Release. Just as well, since E3 will be upon us soon.

In the mean time – if you’re thirsty for more Halo 5 media, checkout some of the artwork for the new game below!

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