Eorzea’s Voice: Saturday Night’s Alright for PvP


Welcome to the third installment of Eorzea’s Voice, the column that explores and values players’ thoughts about the content that is brought into the world of Final Fantasy XIV!

With each patch improving Eorzea, people look forward to the day when a patch is implemented. New content, more fun, more quality of life updates, and everyone’s happy. Well, most everyone.

2.25 was a patch everyone was looking toward for two major reasons: it was the major PvP update patch, and it also contained the update to the Atma/Animus quest. Unfortunately, it appeared that this patch did not live up to expectations.

Even I was disappointed by this patch, but only due to the fact that the major PvP update was not exactly… major (apparently, the “major” part of the statement was a mistranslation). I was, however, wholly relieved that the Trial of the Braves quest was being postponed, because I did not complete the quest. In fact, just recently I completed the Atma portion and bought my first book on the road toward Animus.

Nevertheless, 2.25 initially appeared to have promised a couple of major updates, but what exactly did it entail? Well, some updates:

  • Materia Transmutation
  • Echo increase to 15% in the Binding Coil of Bahamut
  • Challenge log message stating near completion
  • PVP Rank being increased to 40
  • New gear sets for PvP being added
  • Color changes to Atma
  •  Darklight can be dyed

Not a lot for the main points of the update. I personally tried the Materia Transmutation twice, and I suffered the fate of being conned as I received one useless Heavens’ Eye I materia and one destroy-the-world-able Lightning I materia. Evoked, quiet rage commenced. I heard from people it was not worth it or it was merely hit or miss, but I had not heard players claiming to receive a good piece of materia from the ordeal. I will admit, however, that some of the PvP gear look amazing for jobs such as monk and paladin, which piques my interest of joining the PvP ranks. The remaining content was unnoticeable to me because it was incredibly minor. But do others share the same opinion of the patch?

Bear armor looks like Talia. [Patch is] pointless for most.

– Guildmaster Fob, Hyperion

Inconsequential. Done none of it.

– Vynix Q’Foo, Hyperion

The 2.25 update was supposed to be a large update that didn’t meet expectations. The major PvP update had no overhaul as was expected but just 10 more ranks and gear shown off since 2.1. The material system is just RNG gambling, and the next stage of relic progression was removed and pushed back. The update did, however, make the playing field fairer for PLDs and WHMs in the Whorleater, gave an increase in echo strength, and added some cosmetics in allowing darklight armor to be dyed. The update ultimately fell short of expectations and hype.

– Regdar Thorn, Hyperion

As a PvE only person, 2.25 is feeling a lot like 2.05. Either do Coil or farm the premier speed run dungeon. Except Coil this time is much harder, Caduceus was easily puggable, Rafflesia not so much.

– Ririta Rita, Behemoth

PvP is pretty barren from what I hear even with the updates to it although that might be just on this server cluster. The new materia system is a bit hit and miss its super random. I’ve not really put much time into coil to really comment on it. The challenge log update was most welcome for me though especially when it came to dungeons or crafting letting me know I was almost done so I could swap to a lower level and benefit from bonus experience rather than waste it on a maximum level class.

– Draziel Furey


The only thing that I can provide a feedback is the materia transmutation, to me it feels like a band-aid solution to the redundant materias (like the elemental and some of the primary stat). Rather than making them less useless, they let you trade them for a chance of yet another same type of materia, it’s like gambling in a poker game. This update also caused all of the least popular materia to jack up in price. Overall it’s not so bad, after all it’s a minor update.

– Kinnison Arcspeed, Odin

I was pretty excited about the Novus delay because forum QQ, but I wasn’t under the impression that SE did any hyping for this patch at all. Oh that materia exchange thing was pretty hilarious. Goblins are the best scammers in the world.

– Esmian Leithrit, Hyperion

All it has was PvP updates mainly… which sucked, haha. It’s nothing to write home about, but it was a mini patch, so it was to be expected. Kinda disappointed in super lack of QoL things.

– Cress Albane, Balmung

Disappointed with 2.25. Even more disappointing with new materia system.

– Bam Deafpie, Balmung

I really like the new PvP gear! I want it all for glamour :D I also thought it was dumb to change the color of the atmas, but what do I know because I have yet to even see one >.< I like the new update but it doesn’t seem to really affect me too much, and I’m okay with it.

– Catra Mihgo, Hyperion


A lot of opinions to take note here. Some were negative, most were neutral, but none were exactly positive. Players agreed the patch was rather lacking and expected quality of life updates or larger PvP updates, but for the most part, the patch was unnoticeable. When I queried a couple of players, they unknowingly reflected upon patch 2.2 rather than 2.25. Overall, patch 2.25 was not expected to be a big update, and was, for the most part, overlooked save for those interested in PvP. A few players even returned to PvP for the new gear sets, so it seemed that the update did breathe life into PvP again. As for Materia Transmutation, one player had put it best, “Goblins are the best scammers in the world.” Finally, I do not look like a two-headed bear, but maybe I look like the snake armor. Just not a bear.

What I’m sure people will truly look forward to will be patch 2.3, which has hinted at a plethora of content including a new class, an addition to the Crystal Tower, and much more. There has also been word of a PvP update in 2.28 that will be alongside the continuation of the Zodiac Weapons quest. According to Japanese forums of Final Fantasy XIV, “I would like to announce a few updates to PvP in the coming 2.28 patch. Beginning from 2.28, all PvP actions will be usable to players of all ranks. PvP points will instead be used for strengthening actions, traits and parameters instead. Points will also be re-assignable as long as you’re not in the middle of any PvP contents. Our main objective for these changes, is to make it easier for people to participate in PvP, especially those who have never tried it. As well as to make it easier for players that wish to PvP with multiple classes. We will announce other planned changes when 2.3 nears. Please look forward to it™.” This already seems pretty exciting, especially for new players who are trying to shove their foot through the door in the world of PvP.

Players, are you enjoying 2.25? Do you feel that it is nonexistent? Do you have PvP or dyed Darklight gear to show off? Please, share your thoughts with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, email me directly at [email protected], or partake in the following poll.

Next week, we will touch upon the content of coil, both the first and second Binding Coils of Bahamut. Until then, Till Sea Swallows All!

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