Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XIV

The date has been set for the fourteenth installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE! During the live stream, Producer & Director Yoshi-P will answer questions from fans across the globe. Scheduled to be held in Nagoya, Japan, this will be the first half of a two-part special previewing the new adventures to come in patch 2.3!

Date & Time
May 24, 2014 from 4:00 a.m. (PDT)


  • Patch 2.3 Preview
    Come face-to-face with Ramuh, the Lord of Levin and stern arbiter of the forest worshipped by the sylphs.Get a glimpse of Hullbreaker Isle, the newest dungeon to challenge the adventurers of Eorzea, and return to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft and the Stone Vigil in hard mode encounters.

    Learn about new systems such as Daily Hunts.

  • Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki will also make an appearance to field graphic and art-related questions from gear, enemies, emotes, to hair styles and more.


  • YouTube Live
  • Niconico Live
  • Twitch (http://sqex.to/htj)

* Please note that the audio will be available in Japanese only.
* For viewing on smartphones, iOS 5 or later is recommended.
* URLs for YouTube Live and Niconico will be posted as soon as they become available.

How to Submit Questions
Prior to the live stream, questions will be accepted in the designated thread on the official forum. It is also possible to ask questions during the live stream. To do so, please follow the official FFXIV Twitter account (@FF_XIV_EN) and send tweets containing the “XIVLive” hash tag.

Official Forum Questions Thread:http://sqex.to/B7g
Official FFXIV Twitter Feed:https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN


  • Continuation of the Saga of the Zodiac (scheduled for patch 2.28)
  • Ramuh, the Lord of Levin
  • New Dungeons
    • Hullbreaker Isle
    • Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
    • Stone Vigil (Hard)
  • Item Desynthesis
    • A new feature allowing players to break down unwanted items to reclaim crafting materials.
  • Daily Hunts
  • Questions for Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki

Questions will be forwarded to Naoki Yoshida who will attempt to field as many questions as possible, to the best of his ability.
Those of you who are unavailable to view the live broadcast, never fear! All the questions and answers will be posted on the official Twitter account in real time. Furthermore, a Q&A summary will be released via the official forums shortly thereafter.