FFXI Removing French and German Language Options

Dear valued FINAL FANTASY XI player,

We have an announcement regarding an important change for FINAL FANTASY XI in-game text support. At present, players are able to choose between Japanese, English, French, and German language options, but due to the decreasing numbers of French and German language players, we have had to make a difficult but necessary decision on the support for these two languages. As such, we will be removing the French and German language options from FINAL FANTASY XI after the July 2014 version update, but will continue to support Japanese and English. Of course, French and German-speaking players will be able to continue playing using their current characters and settings in an English language environment. (Note that some macros may need to be modified.)

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our francohpone and germanophone players for their fantastic long-time dedication to FINAL FANTASY Xl, and will continue to provide French and German speaking customer support services.

Although it greatly saddens us that we will no longer be able to offer in-game text for these two languages, English localisation support will continue, and we hope that you will continue to experience exciting adventures in the world of Vana’diel.

Akihiko Matsui, FFXI producer


3 thoughts on “FFXI Removing French and German Language Options

  1. o.O the game was in german and french?

    1. it is in german and french as well at the moment but after the july update the correct wording will change from “is” to “was.” there goes the french and german players most likely for FF11. >.>

      1. From what I could gather from the official forums, the overall sentiment from the French players is that it’s not a big deal, but the majority of the comments from the German players is that they are very disappointed with SE.

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