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Nintendo to Host Smash Bros Tournament Instead of E3 Press Conference

29 Apr 2014

Press conferences at E3 are – let’s face it – not usually very good. They are always run by some marketing bloke in a suit and tie using buzzwords and phrases such as “opening up to new markets” and “we’ve got a new IP” sprinkled a with smattering of scripted skit to show how excited you should be. Frankly, that kind of news isn’t very interesting and I’d much rather have a show where the developers danced on stage to the new theme song of a stage or where a new game is announced and all that happens is the developer sits in front of the game with a controller and asks the audience “what do you want me to do?” But those are obviously high expectations so the smart thing to do would be to forgo it all together.

That is what Nintendo is doing at this year’s E3. For 2014, they have announced that they will be yet again reinventing their approach to E3, opting out of the large unwieldy press conferences and instead focusing on unique and interactive ways to make announcements and break news – all while offering great experience to the on-site attendees. Their aim is to communicate directly with the E3 audience and attendees through events such as the Nintendo Digital Event; a live Super Smash Bros tournament; and a full schedule of game demos and trailers available throughout the conference. This will all be unified under a new slogan: “Play Nintendo.” They also made a pretty funny preview video as a teaser of what they have planned.

You can also read more about what they’ve got planned at Nintendo’s official E3 website.