6 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 64: OMG AR 64!

  1. When they said the gunner won’t be what everyone is expecting, I honestly thought possibly a spin on red mage. Yoshida has been bringing up Red Mage a lot when it comes to a job he wants to bring along, and Sword/Staff is already taken with other classes. They could enhance their ammunition perhaps with enfire, enwater, ect, or give buffs/debuffs.

    I just really hope Ninja is not a tank. I never liked the concept of it in FFXI, and I hope it doesn’t make it’s way into ARR.

    1. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with a Ninja tanking if you can build it all correctly.

    2. If you remember, Ninja was not ment to be a tank in XI. Players made it that way. ^^

    3. Ninja probably was not meant to be a tank as they lacked the ability to hold threat. (Remember the SA/TA THFs?). But as Xzander said, players made it into a tank with an assisted method such as Sneak Attack + Trick Attack.

      Simultaneously, Ninja also lacked DPS potential. They were not a main DD class to bring along for content. You wouldn’t ever have a PLD + NIN + BRD + DD + DD.

  2. Would love to see these kind of podcasts continue on! My one suggestion would to be include a small video or something that would show what subject/topic you all are currently discussing.

    1. We’re working to get on a weekly schedule, once we get into that we’re going to be looking at doing live shows again I think (which would more than likely contain video)

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