Eorzea’s Voice: I Glamour my Hussar’s Goggles at Night


“Like, oh my gods, that outfit looks sooo hideous on her! Her fashion sense is terrible! She makes a fisherman look like The Sultana!”

“Oh, damn! You look fiiiiiiine!”

“I need advice, can you help me?”

“Need fashion advice? I will happily help, 100k gil an hour! Please /tell for details!”

I am certain everyone has seen something similar to these four statements at one time or another post-2.2. The Glamour System forced its way in, kicked down the door, and gave older gear new meaning in life!

Nevertheless, welcome to Eorzea’s Voice, your go-to for all things opinionated! Last time I wrote of the mechanics of gaining Atma, but for this article, I’d like to explore the impact the Glamour System has on fellow adventurers.


Though I have not become a Glamour junkie like many others, I have involved myself in the system. I have been able to make Glamour Prisms for my friends and make a few gil here and there. I am currently trying to look for the perfect outfit to wear that doesn’t involve a snowman head or a bikini.

To me, Glamour can be considered either a big deal or completely insignificant. There are many reasons as to why a player would glamour: their current gear set appears so mismatched and atrocious that it makes Demon Wall look like a pretty princess, they find a better looking set and want to impress their friends, or they’re sick of wearing the same relic for months now. Glamour also breathes life into the economy, driving up the value of materials and gear pieces. If a player puts effort into creating the perfect outfit, they can rest assured that they will be receiving a kudos cookie from me. However, there are a lot of mismatched outfits, some more-than-likely for giggles.

Every day in the most highly populated areas (i.e. Mor Dhona, Hawker’s Alley in Limsa…), I come across some pretty odd get-ups. Admittedly, the oddest get-ups are the ones that happen to stick out like sore thumbs. I would love to give fashion tips to these people, but I think I would receive a cold shoulder or cursing for my efforts.

I personally believe that the introduction of the Glamour System is great, though I am hopeful for more implementations of gear sets to mix and match and take full advantage of the system. Unfortunately, and I hate being the typical buzz-kill, but I am not fond of seeing a tank take blows to the face in their bikini in Titan Extreme, because it makes me question the concepts of reality.


I’m not the only one who has thought this, though. Below are just several of the opinions I gathered using the Lodestone, the actual game, and the official forums:

Too much of bikinis of invincible tanking going on me thinks. Each to their own I guess.

– Draziel Fury, Hyperion

Mostly it’s fine. I just don’t think each crafting class needs 4 tiers of Glamour Prisms. Makes things needlessly complicated.

– Ferth Fontaine, Hyperion

The Glamour system is awesome. A little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s great.

– Laro Felix, Sargatanas

I like the Glamour, but I hate that some nice outfits are restricted from DoM, but a DoW can wear both. The only problem I have with it [is] because I’ve seen so many pieces I wanted for my WHM.

– Caoimhe Hunterguard, Behemoth

I can’t stand it honestly. If there were restrictions in place to keep bikini’s and the like out of it, I think I’d be okay with it. As it is, I feel like I log into a virtual strip club every day.

Actually, a setting to hide all Glamours would be probably be best. If someone wants to run around in a bikini 24/7 they should be able to, but I shouldn’t be forced to see it.

– Ali Winchester, Sargatanas

The only big issue I have with the Glamour System is that pieces of armor that take up both Head slot/Body slot can only be glamoured for the body slot, leaving the head exposed and un-glamourable. The same thing with Leg + Feet slot armors. You can only glamour the Leg slot, leaving the feet bare looking.

Otherwise, I love it! I can run around in my bathing suit looking like a beefy stud, yet retain all my stats ;3

– Deus Flac, Behemoth

Wish we could glamour some of the crafting/gathering specific clothes. That alchemist robe looks awesome, and I’d love to go fight titan with my miner AF or even Levi with a fisher AF =P

– Iskandar Emmerich, Behemoth

I like it a lot; I’m looking forward to more variety of source patterns. I’ve been running around with the sailor outfit glamoured to my armor.

– Ember Rage, Coeurl

I like the concept, but the execution is sloppy and bloated. There’s no reason at all to require several tiers of prisms. There could have been — like spreading out the recipes to be available at different levels instead of all at 30 and all essentially the same recipe, but the way it’s implemented serves only to dilute the profitability of crafting any particular prism and clog up people’s inventories (or encourage players not to keep materials on hand). Better, more intuitive and user friendly systems not only exist in other games, but are more obvious than what they created here. As many have said, simply giving players separate glamour equipment slots (even slots that consume a prism every time you swap gear out) would have been easier to work with and had fewer limitations than we currently have to deal with.

– Monkey Nutz, Behemoth

There are many positive opinions with suggestions for improvement, which I hope SE will take into consideration as they expand upon the system. Players desire no restriction on body slots, being able to glamour other class-type gear, the removal of the tier system (or lessen the number of tiers), and more. Overall, there is a positive future for the Glamour System, and I hope that some of these players’ requests will be fulfilled. I look forward to the expansion of the system, and I hope you all do as well.

These players have shared their thoughts, and now I look to the readers for their opinions as well. Do you have suggestions for improvements? Do you believe that the system should be entirely removed? Or do you embrace the system and the creativity of the players (even the bikini-equipped tanks)? I’d love to see what you’ve all created for your custom outfits, so please share your opinions with (if possible) accompanying screenshots either on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or e-mail me directly at [email protected].


Please look forward to the next article, as we will be featuring Patch 2.25 and PVP!