PS Vita Title Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment to Come West


I say it was only a matter of time. A JRPG about an MMORPG. With anime shows such as Log Horizon and .Hack//Sign hitting the networks over the years, a game for us in the Western Hemisphere for all to play was bound to show up eventually. Now it has.

Namco Bandai has just announced that it will make Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment available in North America via PSN. It is based on the hit novel/anime/manga franchise, Sword Art Online, which is about an MMORPG with a catch. When you die in the game – you die in real life.

As mentioned earlier, the game will be made available on PSN for the Vita, but only on PSN. No further details were announced but we did get a batch of localized screenshots and artwork with more information set to come out over the next few days.

Ever since I saw the show – and let it be known now that I am now quite a fan – I have been dying to find a way to explore the world of Aincrad. Maybe this is the excuse I needed to finally grab a Vita!

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2 thoughts on “PS Vita Title Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment to Come West

  1. this is awesome news!!! i have been putting off buying a vita but now this is coming out i am gonna get it sooner rather than later. i love SAO, .hack, and log horizon animes. ever since the .hack series came out(i own all of them) i was hoping that someone would actually make the game that they played into a real online game but it never happened. i was saying the same thing about SOA and Log Horizon and dismayed that it most likely wouldnt happen. even though this game isnt an online game i am still gonna play it and from the screenshots i can say i am gonna love it. i love FF14ARR but this is SOA!!! its just as awesome!!!!

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