The Greater Problem Behind Trials Of The Braves


Last week, we discussed the community reaction to Atma in our Eorzea’s Voice column. Since then, we’ve still not heard anything from the developers regarding Atma drop rates, though Yoshida-san did write a nice novel regarding the Mirror of the Whorl.

Having just completed my Gae Bolg Atma yesterday evening, I started to lay down the ground work for upgrading my weapon and had some thoughts that I wanted to share.

The first discussion that I believe needs to happen is regarding time and difficulty. Gathering Atma, completing dungeons and F.A.T.Es for upgrades- they’re not hard. In fact, jumping into Duty Finder to do a dungeon here and there or to do some F.A.T.Es plays right into the “casual player” experience that this game strives to accommodate. Doing these things is easy, but what it does do is take a very long time.

Players can complete The Whorleater (Extreme) and get both their weapon and mirror to upgrade it in the time that it has taken some players to even receive a single Atma on their quest for getting all twelve. Of course, the random number generator (RNG) gods have a say in the matter, but for the most part the Leviathan weapons will require a fraction of the time. The worst part is? You get a better weapon for it as well.

Even after completing the current version, the Animus weapon, the upgraded Tidal Wave weapons from Leviathan are superior. Now, I know at this point people are thinking “well yeah, but they’re going to have more upgrade quests for the Animus weapons.” That right there is a further part of the problem.

In order to complete an Atma weapon, players must have already completed a Zenith weapon, not a terribly difficult task as it can be done in an afternoon. To get the Atma weapon, players must do F.A.T.Es in 12 different locations and hope that they’ll receive one of twelve Atma at the end of a F.A.T.E. This process so far has been found to be 100% random, though there are theories that have started to pop up that the player community is examining. The biggest problem regarding Atma is that other than counting how many Atma you have, there is zero sense of progression. You can do F.A.T.Es in one area for hours upon hours and at the end of the day, have absolutely nothing to show for it. At this point, even something like a quest that says “Complete a certain number of F.A.T.Es in X area to get an Atma” starts to seem preferable, if only to give players the sense that they’re not wasting their time.

After you obtain your twelve Atma, you turn them in and can convert one of your Zenith weapons into an Atma weapon. It gets boosted to ilvl 100 and a new coat of paint. That’s it. Zero stat increases for what will take you either a few days, or a few weeks because of RNG. All this on top of the dreadful fact that if you want to ever upgrade another one of your Zenith weapons- you need to collect the Atma all over again.


Now you have to purchase books with Allagan Tomestones of Mythology- a whopping 1,500 a piece. Quite a price for what the NPC begins to say are worthless items before realizing you’re trying to procure them. There are 9 books. Each book requires you to kill X amount of a variety of monsters, and complete various Dungeons, F.A.T.Es and Leves. After all that is done, you’ve successfully just grinded 1,500 tomes, done all of those other bits of content, for an underwhelming +2 to a single stat on your shiny new weapon.

Now, repeat that process eight more times. In the meantime some of your friends are going to go and outfit all of their jobs with Tidal Wave weapons while you focus on building a single, weaker weapon.

Now, the first thing I mentioned is time and difficulty. These tasks outlined above are easy, but exceptionally time consuming. Sadly, the time required for Animus weapons vs Tidal Wave weapons at this point in time are horribly unbalanced. It’s hard to say who the Animus weapons are being targeted too- those who are largely casual players with only a few hours of play a day, or those that have way too much time to play.

While starting to farm my mythology tomes for my first book, I came to a troubling thought. Because I have to spend all of this time grinding these mythology tomes to upgrade a weapon for just one of my jobs. That means that none of my other jobs that still require mythology equipment will get worked on.

Arguably, one of the best core design choices of Final Fantasy XIV is that you don’t need to create multiple characters in order to play each class. You can play any class you want on one character. Is this idea now getting put to the wayside in favor of time consuming content that has players only focus on one job? Square Enix should be encouraging players to play other classes, not persuading them to buckle down and pick one job because of insane achievement requirements or largely time consuming content focusing on single classes.

Further adding to this issue is the fact that the quests for these weapons aren’t done yet. There will be even more grinding, and probably more requirements that have you continue to put any other classes on the back burner while you focus on a weapon for just one.

To my other jobs while I work on upgrading my Gae Bolg- I still love you. It’s not you, it’s Square Enix.


7 thoughts on “The Greater Problem Behind Trials Of The Braves

  1. I would only argue that harcore endgamers are probably only going to be focusing on one, maybe two, jobs anyway and the grind of this during this patch time is so that the next set of upgrades are the best weapons on the next go-around, during a “casual” patch.
    (What I mean is that even you yourself, if I recall, said that CT isn’t really for the hardcore players at the time it came out, which builds the feeling of a “casual” endgame patch versus 2.2’s “hardcore”, represented by the expansion of BC.)

  2. Couple of points I’d have to disagree with here, although a good article. Personally, for my Warrior which is my main, the Animus Bravura axe is better then the Tidal Wave Axe (and that’s before the 2.25 upgrade). The other thing is that you can basically solo the animus weapon, whereas the Tidal Wave Axe requires 7 other people (who can kill Levi-EX regularly) and then you are competing against them for an extremely rare drop which is the mirror.

    Personally, I just enjoy that SE provided multiple routes for obtaining weapons, so if one method doesn’t cater to you, you can do the others.

    1. RNG is still a pretty big part of Levi EX and there should be no mistaken impression of it. I’ve heard accounts of people getting their 12 Atmas within a few hours and I’ve heard of people getting their 12 Atmas in over 12 hours. Much like I’ve heard people getting their Levi EX Weapon and Mirror in only a few attempts and people I’ve heard getting 50 wins in Levi EX without witnessing a single mirror dropping.

      However, I do agree that the Atma step is a bit too much, especially since it’s only the beginning of the long grind ahead. My problem isn’t so much the workload behind it, but rather the randomness and variance of being able to complete that step. There’s nothing as far as progress goes when you’re running around and grinding on low level FATEs that serve to teach you nothing or to challenge yourself. You can start the Atma grind and until you get that Atma, any time between when you start until you finish is pointless and meaningless.

      … Unless you’re me, then you profit from the GC seals and people putting stuff up on the MB. Besides the point!

      What’s even worse is when you have people who play the game during off-peak hours and are essentially soloing FATEs. This restricts people to the point of complete frustration.

      Now… a counter argument to all of this is that this is all gated content in a sense. After all, there should be a divide from the casual and the hardcore to help with interest towards the hardcore players. That’s why back in 2.0, Turn 5 and even Coil in itself was unapproachable by the masses. However, 2.0 didn’t really introduce any meaningful casual content and that came around in 2.1. 2.2 allowed Coil to be approached by more casual players, but T1-5 isn’t exactly long to deal with. What else is there to do once you hit that ilvl90 average? If you can’t dedicate time to run Second Coil and you feel inclined to keep your myth saved up for once you get your Atma done, what are you logging in for outside of capping that Soldiery?

      Right now, players are running out of things to do and the intense amount of work needed to be done for such little reward is driving players away.

      1. I understand what you mean, and I am probably a bit biased. I got the 12 atma for my Bravura relic in about 14 hours, because RNG is RNG. About 1300 myth away from my Bravura Animus, so I am very excited. But for a lot of the members in my fc, I can definitely tell you they are less then thrilled on farming atma (and then doing the 13,500 Myth +900 enemies, 27 dungeons, 27 leves, 27 fates). Sometimes you have to wait hours for a specific fate to pop for the books, so it can definitely be a nightmare. Again, RNG rears it’s ugly head.
        But I can say this, I do like the idea of just.. investing so much effort in a weapon that will have a future. Instead of “well it looks cool, but ill toss it soon as something better comes my way”. Very curious to see how they handle the 2.25 addition to the zodiac brave chain.

      2. They could easily solve the issue for casuals by adding in a craftable alternative that isn’t quite the same iLvl as what you can get by following the hardcore route.

  3. I feel like prioritizing one job leads for a better MMO experience. In a place where you can obtain the best gear for multiple jobs easily, you might as well be handing everyone everything and you risk running out of content too early. Becaues gear progression is what drives us, as a community. Lastly, friendly competition influences us to push harder.

  4. Having spent multiple hours (~5) and still coming up short of finding atma #1, I’d appreciate an alternate scheme here. It can simple enough as complete 100 FATEs in zone and get that zone’s atma. Just anything to make me feel like I can progress here, even if at my own slow pace. Maybe I’d only be at 50 FATEs so far, but at least I would know that if RNG doesn’t smile on me, progress will eventually be made.

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