Sony to sell its stake in Square Enix to the Tune of $47 million US


Sony and Square Enix have a long history together. Ever since Final Fantasy made the move from Nintendo to Sony, we’ve seen countless titles from Japan’s most illustrious RPG factory release  for the PlayStation platform – including the new smashing hit Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It’s no wonder then, that Sony had a sizable stake in SE’s stock.

But now, that’s all about to change. Sony announced today that it plans to sell its entire stake of shares invested in Square Enix Holdings to SMBC Nikko Securities, one of Japan’s largest holding firms. While the deal hasn’t gone entirely through, the transfer of nearly $47 million worth of SE stock is planned for the end of this week.

The motivation for the sale is still up in the air, however some speculate it’s mostly motivated by the increase in value of Square Enix now that their stock has soared thanks to ARR’s success. By selling their stake in Square Enix Holdings now, Sony can add that $47 million to its first quarter reports combining it with the earnings from the launch of the PS4 – possibly improving its overall financial outlook.

You can read the official translation of the announcement as translated by Siliconera here.

4 thoughts on “Sony to sell its stake in Square Enix to the Tune of $47 million US

    1. No. Stock shares have nothing to do with what games come out on which Consoles.

        1. While it doesn’t mean “no FF games on ps systems”, there is certainly a reason why Sony had invested money in SE- I’m sure SE will still make its games on sony consoles, but since they’ve pulled their financial backing, they may not feel as obligated to do so.

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