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New Vita-Original Game Freedom Wars Announced for Western Release

14 Apr 2014


Since its release, the Playstation Vita has become a dumping ground for ports and remakes of older games, with original releases few and far between. Due to the relatively low sales of the system, developers are hesitant to put time and money into creating Vita-original games. When an original game is announced for the system, though, it tends to quickly grab attention.

Japan Studio, the same developer that made Gravity Rush for the Vita, released an announcement trailer earlier today for their newest game, entitled Freedom Wars. The trailer shows off a Japanese build of the game, although it is intended to announce a North American release.

The story of Freedom Wars takes place extremely far into the future, with humanity forced to live underground as the Earth’s surface no longer supports life. The main character of the game is found guilty of a crime and given a 1,000,000 year sentence, which can only be reduced by fighting and killing monsters known as Abductors.

Freedom Wars does not currently have a set release date in North America, although it is releasing in Japan on June 26th, 2014, with Western releases intended for later this year.