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Eorzea's Voice: Where's Atma?

10 Apr 2014


Welcome to the first installment of Eorzea’s Voice! In this new column we will be exploring player opinions about content in Final Fantasy XIV.

Everyone has seen it during the release of patch 2.2. Players squirming about, clamoring to earn a spot in the crowd, sometimes willing to suffer the consequences of lag. Sometimes players cheer on at the completion of a FATE, and sometimes they limp away, sulking. This resembles the events that have been experienced upon the release of A Realm Reborn. However, this is no longer about leveling. Instead, it is all about Atma.

A quick recap of Atma – Atma are these little stones of variant colors (not of shapes) that symbolizes the 12 zodiac signs. Farming for these stones is just the first step of many to upgrade your relic (given that you began with zenith). All players simply have to do is participate in a FATE. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. There is one frustrating aspect of the quest, however. The drop rate of Atma is insanely low. I have heard between 1% and 3%, but the rate is still low enough to cause the loss of hair. I have not heard one soul in game tell me they love the system. In fact, I have heard more complaints than neutral. Some quotes:

Takes no f——– skill. It’s FATE grinding, the very mechanic that made 99% of the people who play this terrible at their job. Why make it with zero skills?

– Poster Nutbag, Hyperion

Atma was never meant for casuals, it was to shut the hardcore up by throwing them a bone.

– Regdar Thorn, Hyperion

Sucks balls.

– Sarcinator Covalinski, Hyperion

I could care less about farming but they should of put them in difficult areas instead. [They are] somewhat of the cause of laggy dungeons and whatnot.

– Arka Rewn, Hyperion

Personally, I think the random drops with a low drop rate are the worst part about it. Then the grind after for the 9 books aren’t as bad because there’s an end in sight. Atma drop rates are like a form of psychological torture.

– Ragnell Ragnarok, Goblin


I think the feeling you can get of ‘am I even progressing’ is bad for the game’s overall health. A grind is fine as long as it’s easy to tell you are progressing, especially for more casual players.

– Denzyne Starweaver, Exodus

Honestly I prefer it this way. Relics were handed out like candy, and a lot of people didn’t actually earn theirs -_-. They just either paid someone to do it for them or had someone else carry ‘em. Now it’s some actual work. Increasing the drop rate wouldn’t be a terrible idea but not to the “give it instantly” rate people probably want. Something reasonable to balance out the work that goes into bringing it to Animus status (I’m at Animus grinding with 2 finished books, by the way).

– Lily Moon, Sargatanas

I find the whole idea of FATE Farming for them to be a joke. I’m in the boat with people who think it should have been something like, “Complete 600 FATEs,” because at least then you feel like you’re progressing as opposed to spending 50 hours spamming level 23 FATEs. I wouldn’t say people now have to ‘work’ for Atma – it’s random chance and it’s shockingly low. There is no challenge involved in the FATE side of it at all.

– Saiko Saisune, Phoenix


– Regdar Thorn, Hyperion

Most of the reactions are a bit… negative. Several of these players are also FFXI veterans, so it comes off as a little surprising to hear they do not want the very mechanic they appeared to be clamoring for. Personally speaking, I have no qualms with Atma farming because I do not have the attention span to actually handle the possible amount of grinding time needed to accomplish the quest. In fact, I only have three after about a combined total of 85 minutes, spanned over several days. Is Atma farming even perceived as hardcore? Personally speaking, I have more of a preference to just try my luck for Leviathan weapons or High Allagan weapons. Achieving both would take more skill than grinding on FATEs for a good part of the day (or for many days).

One player, however, does raise a valid point. There are players who pay for Primal wins, and some who are simply carried through wins. That takes no skill whatsoever. Then again, there are a small amount who resort to such methods in order to conquer a challenge.

If the opinions in game are mostly negative, will the developers change the way Atma is obtained? If so, how so? Raising the drop rate of the stones, developing more concrete accomplishments such as do X amount of FATEs in each area, or potentially adding challenges such as defeat all four EX Primals?

Players, what are your thoughts on this controversial topic? Do you enjoy the grind? Do you find it rather relaxing? Do share!

Please look forward to the next article, featuring the Glamour System! Hit us up with your thoughts either on our Facebook or Twitter pages or email me directly at  [email protected], and let me know what you think of the system so far! Feel free to include images!