Pet Food Beta 1: Out Of Alpha


After the launch of Pet Food Alpha in June 2005, today we’re excited to announce that we’re finally moving into beta!

Join Vivi and Miroku as they’re joined by PFA creators Steak and Fusionx as they catch up on the important updates to Final Fantasy XI since the last episode of Pet Food Alpha.

Have questions or comments for the show? You can e-mail us at [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter @petfoodbeta.

7 thoughts on “Pet Food Beta 1: Out Of Alpha

  1. Nice podcast, and welcome back! We all missed the good days with Petfood Alpha.

  2. Great job on the show, really enjoyed this one. :) { Welcome back }

  3. Don’t worry guys! I’ve got the next generation of babies in drawers! Got ya covered Steak! :)

    1. adorable! Just remember to wait a few years before you let him know that Orcs live in his closet.

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