Here Comes The Wind-up Sun


With Patch 2.2, a batch of new minions were introduced to Eorzea. Included in those is the Wind-up Sun minion and it’s alright.

For those who fancy themselves to be the more photogenic of Eorzea’s Adventurers however, this minion is more than just alright. It’s a must have!

What makes the Wind-up Sun so special is that it is a light source. Unlike some elements in the game such as the Miner’s Helmet which lets you turn the light on and off, this minion actually emits light.

Ever find yourself in a dark area and wanting to take a screenshot only to think “it’s too dark”? Call forth your Wind-up Sun to brighten a small area around you! The sun will remain where you summon it so you’ll be able to move around without changing your light source. Additionally, you can /poke the minion and its elevation will change, allowing you to move it higher or lower than its default positioning.


If that’s not already awesome, this bright minion has one more trick up its sleeve- it disappears when you hide your UI to take a screenshot! This allows you to light your screenshots however you want without having to worry about having to see the Wind-up Sun photo bombing each of your images!



In order to pick up this useful minion, head over to the Isles of Umbra in Western La Noscea and go to the southwest corner at 12,36. There you’ll see a Magic Pot who wants what else? An Elixir. Give him a single Elixir and he’ll hook you up with the Wind-up Sun!



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