Lorecast 2: The Autumn War And Going Into The Maelstrom


We’re back with with another installment of Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio!

Tune in as Fusionx and Anwyll discuss the Autumn War and the creation of gil as well as get you caught up on everything there is to know about the content we’ll see in Patch 2.2!

  • James Lockwood

    Enjoyed these as usual, especially the part on Yugiri. Was wondering if you guys ever came across this http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Assassin_(Airborne_Brigade). Sure looks like her!

  • Kata Kana

    Please do the Zoo Books idea! ^-^

  • Giantguy

    horn = mini full sized summons no more egi’s

  • DalkonCledwin

    I seriously think Yugiri is a FFXIV version of a Burmecian.