Pre Patch 2.2 Interview With Naoki Yoshida


There was only so much time that we had with Yoshida-san during the PS4 media tour. Luckily, we were able to get our unasked questions e-mailed off to him to aid us in our quest of knowledge.

Check out our follow-up Q&A below!

GE: Will there be any kind of gear lock out for Turns 1-5 in patch 2.2 similar to Crystal Tower?

Yoshida: No, there won’t be. Players will be able to freely attempt Turns 1 – 5 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut and aim for the items they’re after as many times as they want. FFXIV will continue this sort of cycled operation, and so with the full cycle completing with 2.2, I think players will be able to understand what the process feels like moving forward!


GE: With the Binding Coil being opened up are there plans to add a chest to Turn 3? We can’t imagine it will be very popular to run.

Yoshida: I’m sorry, but because Turn 3 was designed to simply act as a passing point, I don’t plan to add any items. Starting with Patch 2.2, you won’t have to beat the original Binding Coil of Bahamut in order, so Turn 3 might be a place you go if you want to have some fun launching off the pads once in a while, or if you have yet to earn the achievement for mapping that area.

GE: Can we expect an upgrade for relic weapons in 2.2 with the higher item level cap? We’ve always seen relics as the ‘ultimate weapons’ of Eorzea and they’re not very ultimate if there are weapons with higher item levels!

Yoshida: In regards to the relic weapons, there is a secret that has yet to be revealed. There will be a long, long story that involves the relics, starting with Patch 2.2. The name of that content and more details will be revealed during the next Letter from the Producer LIVE, so please stay tuned!

GE: Housing didn’t seem to give a boost to crafting like we were hoping since most Free Companies have their members make all the furniture they need. Personal housing might do this- are there any updates on when we might see personal housing or how it’s going to work?


Yoshida: For personal housing, we are currently in the process of optimizing the rendering of the housing interior on the server side, and so once we evaluate those numbers, we should be able to open it up for use. We’ll still need to look at the actual numbers during Patch 2.2, but it’s safe to assume it won’t be too long.

GE: What’s the progress of the plug-in API? Any updates on when we can expect it?

Yoshida: I don’t believe I spoke specifically about plug-in API. I’m assuming that we are talking about the UI add-on, which we are currently designing the tools and are progressing with that. Because we are right before the release of the PS4 version at the moment, it’s hard to answer with a clear schedule. In terms of its timing, we’re planning for it to be after the release of Patch 2.3.

Due to Yoshida-san’s busy schedule, these questions saw delays getting to and from the team at Square Enix, as such, some answers may be slightly dated.