Fan Translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 gets Trailer and Release Date

9 Mar 2014


Final Fantasy Type-0, as of the moment of writing, remains one of the very few modern Final Fantasy games to have not been officially released outside of Japan. Interviews with the game’s team and Square-Enix over the past few years have strongly hinted that it might get a Western release, but no plans have come to fruition. However, the gaming community isn’t one to contently stand by and wait. As was bound to happen sooner or later, a fan translation project popped up.

Headed by “SkyBladeCloud,” the translation team Operation Doomtrain has been hard at work creating an unofficial English translation of the game. According to the head translator’s website, the patch is currently in a beta testing phase. Yesterday, March 8th, the team released a trailer for their fan translation, showing off how far they have come. The trailer also reveals a release date for the translation patch: August 8th, 2014.

Many people following the translation raised a bit of a clamor about the release date being so far off. SkyBladeCloud responded to this, saying that while the team feels the game is playable in its current state, they still have much work to do to clean it up and create “a perfect patch.” He also mentions a hope that an official release will be revealed at this year’s E3, and that the release date remains flexible.