Bragging Rights: How Are You Preparing For 2.2?


With Patch 2.2, “Through the Maelstrom”, fast approaching (scheduled at the end of this month) we want to hear what you’re doing in order to get ready for the boatload of new content on the way! Between Leviathan, further exploration of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, the Lost City of Amdapor and other challenges, players will have to prepare themselves to battle the coming Maelstrom.

How are you getting ready for FFXIV’s next patch? Drop a comment below and we’ll read off our favorites when we record the next episode of Aetheryte Radio on Sunday, March 23rd at 3:00 PM EST.



7 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: How Are You Preparing For 2.2?

  1. Moved to Adamantoise

    Working PLD to 50.. Currently level 38

    BLM to level 39

    Finally got a good Static group to get Coil done, still have not battled with Twintania yet.

  2. Funnily enough, I’ve actually been playing Lightning Returns. This is to mull over the themes of apocalypse and creation in the game that could have implications for an associated Dimension, Eorzea. It could give us some clues about what’ll happen if the ascians pull a Barthandelus in the way the game has been hinting.

  3. Completed 2.1 storyline (just in time). Obtained BRD relic (second relic after BLM). DRG to 39 – just trying for 42 so I can get XP credit for beastmen dailies. Lots of wiki work ;)

  4. I’ve been yelling at my goldfish Leviathan to “Give me his loot” doesn’t seem to work. Been trying to hold my breath for longer in the bathtub can only do slightly over 60 seconds. Been working on leveling Bard it’s at 37 at the moment (Was a Bard main on 11, as well as Everquest, a Dirge on Everquest 2, and tinkered with it on basically any other game that has a similar class) Trying not to burn out of the game honestly. My best online gaming buddy seems to have. It was my birthday in the second week of March and Nintendo had that 3DS and a game register to get Pokemon X or Y give away so I splurged and ordered a 3DS XL and a game for myself(Animal Crossing: New Leaf). It’ll be here in a day or so.

  5. I’ve been grinding Armorer so I can materia meld my own equipment for the new crafting recipes. I want to make a PLD DD set for some reason.

  6. I’m Jon Zero from the Coeurl server. My FC had 5mil saved up in the fc chest for a house. A trusted (well, what we thought) member (his name was ‘The NSA’ dont know why we ever trusted him) who was a high rank in the FC took all the gil, bought a ton of stuff and then transferred servers. His name is ‘Asian War’Chief’ on Gilgamesh now, do not trust him. This happened the end of last week, we are over 1 mil in the FC chest and only the leader has access to withdraw. Other than that, I’ve been crafting mainly to make gil so we can get a large house.

  7. Got my luminary tool for Armorer and finally have my full set of HQ gear too. Looking forward to the new recipes for my Armorer to craft, and the glamour system. And I’ve been fishing a lot in anticipation of the new fishing features. Got my first relic (SCH) and +1 shortly after. Also finally finished my healer darklight set after like 5 months. :-)

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