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New South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailer Released by Amazon

3 Mar 2014


Just a day shy of its release date in North America, Amazon decided to hype up the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth with a new trailer. Released through the Amazon Video Games Facebook page, the new trailer gives a quick rundown of the game’s synopsis and characters. There’s not much new in the trailer that hasn’t been seen yet, but if you want to hype yourself up, the trailer is worth a watch.

Stick of Truth is finally seeing release on March 4th, 2014, after a rather long series of delays. The first trailer for the game originally premiered at E3 2012, and since then, the game has struggled to land a set release date. The original publisher of the game, THQ, filed for bankruptcy in December 2012, leaving Stick of Truth’s release up in the air until Ubisoft bought the publishing rights in January 2013. Even under Ubisoft, the game suffered numerous delays, originally announced for December 2013.

The trailer can be seen on Amazon’s website or on their Facebook page.