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Persona 5 Confirmed for North America

25 Feb 2014

Persona 5, the latest installment out of Atlus, the game studio behind the ever popular Persona series of games, has been indirectly confirmed for a North American release through the launch of its US site. While Atlus has seen some hard times with its parent company, Index, filing for bankruptcy in the summer of last year as well as accusations of fraud, we see that the makers behind series has yet to shut its doors.

This all comes in partial thanks to Sega. After the initial declaration of bankruptcy, it was made known later in the year that Atlus and parts of its parent company Index Corporation would be picked up by Sega. The Atlus component was confirmed to be focusing on game development, although the titles were never revealed until today, and we can be sure to expect a few more Persona titles in the pipeline for American release. Stay tuned!