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Square Enix Contemplates Final Fantasy on PC

19 Feb 2014

Being a Final Fantasy fan and a PC gamer, it has always struck me as a tad odd that as popular as the franchise has become, it has never really seen any formal support for PC. With the exception of the MMORPGs FFXI and FFXIV, the only other games to be released for PC were Final Fantasy VII and VIII. To me, it looked like SE was just plain not interested in developing for our personal computers.

However, it seems, I am to be proven wrong. The development teams for Final Fantasy and their future iterations have expressed a great interest in developing for PC.

“We see potential in it and there are lots of regions and countries where PC is very strong so in terms of our hope of being able to deliver our games to every single country in the world and to as many gamers as possible, yes, we would definitely be interested in pursuing that route in the future,” Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase told Eurogamer.

If I were to speculate, perhaps this recent interest can be attributed to the PS4 and Xbox One now having x86 64-bit architecture making development a bit easier to port between PC and consoles, but either way, it’s certainly encouraging news even if we don’t have an announcement for a PC version of Final Fantasy XV. And lets not forget you can get the most recent Final Fantasy in the series for 50% off on Steam: Final Fantasy XIV.

via Eurogamer