Harmonix Announces New Game “Chroma”


Nearly a year after ending DLC support for the Rock Band series, Harmonix has been relatively quiet. The company announced one of their next projects, Fantasia: Music Evolved, at last year’s E3, but not much other news has come out of their offices.

That is, until today. Earlier this morning, Harmonix released a debut trailer for a new game, titled Chroma. Unlike any other game in the companies history, Chroma will be a First Person Shooter for the PC. Of course, with Harmonix’s pedigree, music is definitely involved in the gameplay. The soundtrack of the game affects both the player’s weapons and the environment itself.

Harmonix is aiming to release this game via Steam at some point this year, but a specific date has not been announced. The game is announced as free to play, although the company says that it is putting work into balancing the game so it does not become “pay to win”. Applications for the closed alpha of Chroma are also currently being taken at the game’s official website.