Development of Zero Escape 3 Stalled


Earlier today, Kotaro Uchikoshi, writer for the Zero Escape series (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward) created an English Twitter page to share some news with Western fans of the series. The focus was on the development of the third installment of the Zero Escape series.

Across a long series of Twitter posts, Uchikoshi broke the news that development of the next game has been stalled due to lack of budget. While the Zero Escape series has hit niche popularity in the West, the games are struggling in their home country of Japan. Due to this, the series’ creators are unable to get the budget necessary to make the third installment. Uchikoshi, though, says he hasn’t given up hope on the series, and is hoping he might be able to find a good reason to convince their company (Spike Chunsoft) to create the game, or perhaps find an outside investor to help.

Within hours of these posts, Western fans began flooding Uchikoshi’s Facebook page with messages of support and suggestions. Many are, of course, pushing for a Kickstarter to fund the game. Some others are attempting to form Operation Rainfall-esque groups to bring fans together and demand the game be made. Most are hoping that fan uproar will be enough to convince Spike Chunsoft to greenlight the game, but only time will tell if anything will come of it.