Win A GTX 650 And A Signed FFXIV PC Collector’s Edition


The entry period for this contest has passed. The winner will be notified via e-mail.

Recently Nvidia partnered with Square Enix to give away copies of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to those that purchase a new GTX 650 series video card.

Today we’re excited to announce that Square Enix is hooking us up with not only a GTX 650 card, but a copy of the PC Collector’s Edition signed by Naoki Yoshida himself to give away!

Read on to learn how you can win this awesome prize!

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment below before February 26th!  Open to North American players only.

We’ll contact the winner via the e-mail address attached to their comment.

*Winners must respond within 24 hours of being notified. If they fail to do so, they will be excluded and a new winner will be selected at random from the entries.

 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Gamerescape and Telatexo LLC shall have no liability, howsoever arising, in relation to this contest or the prize, including without limitation liability in respect of personal injury and/or any loss or damage to property.  Terms & Conditions: No purchase necessary.  One entry per person.  The prizes are as stated and cannot be modified. There are no alternative prizes or cash substitutes. Decisions as to the winner and/or any decisions to disqualify any entrant are made by Gamerescape and/or Telatexo LLC are final and not subject to appeal or review.

1,094 thoughts on “Win A GTX 650 And A Signed FFXIV PC Collector’s Edition

  1. Very exciting! Hope I win, best luck to all entries. Thanks Fusion and GE crew!

  2. This game is probably going to be long remembered as a miracle. Good luck to everyone competing!

  3. I wished Nvidia gave me a free copy of FFXIV when I got my GTX 660ti. Thanks gamerescape, Nvidia, and Squeenix. I would love to add this to my collection.

    1. Woooah! You sir, is legitimately a true fan :O
      I hope they choose you :D GL

  4. Oh wow. I would definetly resubscribe to the game if I won this. Amazing contest.

  5. Looking forward to 2.2! Don’t forget to post on the official forums and help support the development of the game!

  6. I can certainly upgrade to GTX 650, although I already have 2 FFXIV collector’s editions..

  7. A comment has been left, because hot damn that’s a pleasant prize.

  8. I’ve been looking into getting a new video card, soooo, yes please?

  9. Yoshi really turned FFXIV around. he made it into the game we all love.

  10. Love this game, been playing MMOs for 10 years and this is my favorite so far.

  11. FFXIV is so fun but my video card can’t handle the big stuff like CT well :( this would be so awesome!

  12. Would be perfect way to introduce gf to FF. She needs a new computer card would expedite both.

  13. This is awesome, I’d love both those items! Glad Gamerescape got this opportunity!

  14. This is totally awesome! Would love a signed copy of the game!

  15. /panic Collector’s Edition FFXIV signed my YoshiP AND a new video card? Sign me up please! (Can I have it?)

  16. Only time I’ve ever won in my life was on 3rd grade. It was a math contest – I am really bad at math now…

  17. I can’t wait to give this game a try. I have been a huge fan ever since FF1 on NES.

  18. Tried to buy the Collector’s edition, and Amazon ran out of stick, even though I bought it in early June I think? Settled for the regular.

  19. I would love to get this card and a signed copy from YoshiP. This is one of the best MMO’s I have played since Mabinogi before the long drawl of generation 4-6.

  20. I would love to have that signed collector’s edition. That is an amazing prize!

  21. I’ve been looking to upgrade my video card, and I would love to be able to get one of my friends into FFXIV with a free copy. Thank you for hooking us up GamerEscape.

  22. No way in hells am I winning this, but here’s a comment anyway. Cool giveaway for the community, GE. Keep up the good work.

  23. Come on let me win something for once! I’m terrible at contests!!!

  24. I’m a huge fan of this game! And would love to finally play it on PC :D

  25. I am building a new PC specifically to play FFXIV, lets win this! /em prays to RNGesus.

  26. The Final Fantasy games by SQUARE ENIX were awesome. Then I found out that they had an MMO. I decided to try FFXIV, my first MMO, and left me with expectations that no other MMO can come close to.

  27. I would really like a collector’s copy of this game, especially for the cool coeurl ride. :)

  28. Video card sounds nice, and I’ve been considering picking up 14 as well.

  29. What a perfect opportunity to start playing this game! Wish everyone the best! :)

  30. Damn, i need to get in on this, Signed by the man himself, Gamerescape, you dirty girl ;P

  31. I was hoping to begin building a new computer, wouldn’t mind having a GTX650 as my step into building it.

  32. I only played WOW like not even a 1 month. But right now I am playing this since the release. I’ve never been so addicted to MMO in my life!!!!

  33. Dear Naoki Yoshida,

    When I win, please sign my Collector’s Edition with a drawing of a Chocobo.


  34. I usually assume this is all rigged… but oh well.. sometimes you’ve gotta keep on dreamin’.

  35. I need this for my Main Tank of my Free Company because he plays on a PS3 and he desperately need a PC.

  36. I would not mind a new video card and would love a signed collectors edition of ffxiv

  37. I would use GPU the signed game will stay unopened somewhere.

  38. Looking to build myself a new rig, Video cards always tend to be the most expensive piece of that, and I always end up skimping on it. A second account would also allow me to finally get my wife to play.

  39. Been looking to update my gtx460 and would love to see the speed and render difference for ff14 on a 650. Good luck to everyone.

  40. Yoshida-san thank you for your work!

    Gamer Escape thanks for hooking us up!

  41. Love the Site! Only place I go for FFXI – FFXIV Info, Keep up the good work guys!!

  42. Been playing on my laptop – this would convince me to build another desktop! :)

  43. I’m down. Could definitely use the Coerl Mount and the helmet in game for faster exp gain. Not to mention the prettier graphics card.

  44. FFXIV is my favorite MMO and you guy’s are awesome for promoting the game with the giveaway!

  45. This is awesome! FFXIV had been getting pretty populated since the beginning it came out. I would love to get signed up for this :D Best luck to everyone who commented!

  46. I would love a signed copy of FFXIV! Not to mention a graphics card upgrade is always amazing!

  47. I’m cheap, and the 650 would be an upgrade for me. Sign me up!

  48. Thanks GamerEscape for this contest!! I have been working on a better PC build for FFXIV so I can get a way better play out of the game!! xD

  49. This is my comment. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My comment is my best friend. It is my life.

  50. This would be a sweet start to building a solid PC, certainly better than playing on a laptop. Thanks GE!

  51. This would be an awesome upgrade from my aging card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Would be a great upgrade for my system. I’d love to be able to play the game at full settings and the signed collector’s edition would be priceless.

  53. Don’t mind me I am here for the collector’s edition signed by Yoshida-san.

  54. Final Fantasy: A Relic Reborn Zenith! How many tomes is this gonna cost me?

  55. I love FFXIV! I have played it since Alpha of 1.0 and I really feel like Naoki has done the most good for this game than anyone else had done in history of MMO’s. Of course his team is there to help and implement accordingly, and he couldn’t do it without them. I just feel like he is a strong leader, who’s aspirations exceed what most people would ever think to try and accomplish!

  56. This would finally let me play on full settings. I bet the game would look amazing.

  57. From 1.0 -> 2.2 this game is amazing :D. Yoshida did a great job, and patch 1.5 actually made 1.0 *gasp* fun xD. Whoever wins this signed copy, congrats

  58. A signed copy of FFXIV would be amazing! Also, a 650 to play it on would be pretty cool too

  59. One of the best mmo’s IMO. I’d love a an autographed copy of this game and new GPU.

  60. Great and informative web site with a great contest! What’s not to like!

  61. Can never go wrong with a new comp! :D
    Well a new video card that is xD

  62. I could really use a new video card so my wife can play on PC instead of PS3!

  63. I would love this! Mine burned out a week or so ago and now I can’t really play anymore.

  64. 私は直樹吉田と現実FF14行った開発者のすべてに感謝の意を表したいと思います。私は5年前からこのゲームを待っていたと一度すべてが通ってくると、それを現実になり、信仰を失ったことはありません。あなたがこれまでにカナダのトロントに来た場合、私は飲酒の夜のためにあなたのすべてを取るだろう。もう一度あなたに感謝し、私はこのゲームをのexperinceする機会を持っていることをうれしく思います。


    Watashi wa Naoki Yoshida to genjitsu FF 14 itta kaihatsu-sha no subete
    ni kansha no i o arawashitai to omoimasu. Watashi wa 5-nen mae kara kono
    gēmu o matteita to ichido subete ga tōtte kuru to, sore o genjitsu ni
    nari, shinkō o ushinatta koto wa arimasen. Anata ga kore made ni Kanada
    no Toronto ni kita baai, watashi wa inshu no yoru no tame ni anata no
    subete o torudarou. Mōichido anata ni kansha shi, watashi wa kono gēmu o
    no experince suru kikai o motte iru koto o ureshiku omoimasu. Rizzen

    I wish to express my gratitude to Naoki Yoshida and all of the developers who have made ff14 a reality. I waited for this game for 5 years and never once lost faith that you all would come through and make it a reality. If you ever come to Toronto Canada i would take you all out for a night of drinking. Once again thank you and i am glad that i have a chance to experince this game.

    Rizzen Daerthe
    Siren Server

  65. I’d absolutely love to win this. I’ve been hoping for a new graphics card for my birthday, and if I get this, the signed collector’s edition is just a bonus!

  66. WHAT A DEAL! T_T Best of luck to everyone! This is truly an amazing game :D

  67. I need a new graphics card badly! I would love to win this, and the signed FFXIV CE would be an awesome addition.

  68. I’d love to win this because the game is great and it’d be a cool video card upgrade!

  69. would be great to win my video card cant run the game would love to play it.

  70. I would die if i won this, I love Final Fantasy and Naoki Yoshida is amazing and not to mention I could use a new video card :D

  71. This is such a great prize! I really hope I win. I would love to have something signed by Yoshida.

  72. This card would be a huge upgrade to my system and I would love to win. FFXIV is one of the best MMORPG’s in recent years. I have been able to reunite with many friends from FFXI.

  73. Wow this would be awesome– having the physical PC game would be epic– and that graphic card would be awesome too haha … no more crashing o)-<

  74. This would be awesome to win, been looking to upgrade my video card and really wanted to get ffxiv.

  75. I play this on PS3. I have never loved a game as much as I love this one. And I love quite a few games (older FF’s included). A signed copy of this game would be a dream come true. Keep up the amazing work!

  76. Holy Dalamud! Nvidia and Square Enix collaboration of dooooooom! Just like my dragoon, this graphix card will provide me with what I need the most! More power!

  77. I love this game! I’d love it even more with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 graphics card in my PC!

  78. I love final fantasy series, and the only thing stopping me from getting FF14ARR is my pcs graphics. I could really use that graphic update, but I dont have the money to buy one on my own, so I usually like to stick with console, maybe this is my chance to get back into pc gaming?

  79. Would be fantastic to have a chance to see the game at it’s absolute best, good luck everyone!

  80. This would be amazing. My computer needs an upgrade and getting a signed copy of the collectors edition from Yoshida would be awesome!

  81. Wow, what a great opportunity! Nvidia makes amazing products and I hope I cab upgrade my current card with this one! A signed copy of ff14 would go great with my FF collection as well.

  82. I’ll bite. 2.0 is pretty amazing, and Souken in particular did an amazing job with the music.

  83. would be a well needed upgrade for my pc and not to mention love the game :p

  84. This would definitely be a nice upgrade to my outdated setup. Balmung server, represent!

  85. Sign me up! That card would help my fiance dodge plumes much easier.

  86. Dang. This would be incredible. I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since I was a wee lad playing FF1. Have played every one, and don’t plan on stopping.

  87. With that kind of power in my PC I might be willing to stream FFXIV again

  88. I was too late to get the collectors edition but always wanted it. This is a great prize. I bet the graphics look amazing with the gtx 650 too, I’m in.

  89. This would be amazing! my video card can barely keep up on standard

  90. Congrats on the partnership. Here’s to good luck and an awesome prize.

  91. Would be awesome addition to my pc build and love Final Fantasy

  92. ヨシダすげー!あのPCをGETしたいです!Thank you so much for making this MMO :D I hope the PC goes to a good home (i.e. me).

  93. I’m not sure which would be cooler. A signed copy or the video card. Yoshi did something great for MMOs in general. Easily the best since EQ/FFXI

  94. Maybe this can be the beginning part of a brand new build, sorely needed as my current isn’t even from this decade. Gonna cross pretty much everything I can ^.^ (not to mention, due to that, I’m stuck on the PS3 version right now, and even worse, totally missed out on the CE pre-order…)

  95. I need graphics card that’s faster than a Chocobo since mine is as slow as a Tonberry.

  96. Fuck the GTX. I want that Yoshi-P signed copy. It will be installed and then placed in a glass case.

  97. I severely need a card upgrade and I love A realm Reborn PICK ME! :)

  98. Sweet sign me up for this awesome give away prize, as i also just signed up for this!

  99. I wouldn’t mind a signed copy of the collectior’s edition :o

  100. Good luck to everyone! This would definitely help out planning my new build.

  101. Awesome giveaway goodluck to everyone. game is solid i was enjoying it before my gpu fried

  102. (>’-‘)> <('-'<) ^(' – ')^ <('-'’-‘)> Will dance for you if I win

  103. Sounds like a pretty awesome prize there, the collectors edition goodies would be nice too =3

  104. Would love this upgrade for computer. Not that I am holding my breath on winning. I don’t win competitions lol I aint that lucky.

  105. Just lost my Graphics Card a few weeks back. Have not been able to play FFXIV or buy a new one due to unemployment. Wouldn’t mind winning one.

  106. It would be great to win because of where I live and my limited resoruces I can’t really enjoy the game I tried running it only got 13 fps

  107. Winning this would be great motivation to rebuild my pc…

  108. The GTX series cards handle this game very well from what I heard. Praying for the best!

  109. Wow, [article writer], you are looking absolutely stunning! Positively ravishing! So young and virile, I must know your secret. Oh, the prize? Well, sure, I would like it I suppose, I was just so distracted by your [physical feature] that I forgot all about it!

  110. it would be awesome to win something i can’t afford =p hope i win this

  111. The fabled Collector’s Edition! *Casts Ninja Lot –> Phial of Fantasia … to cover my tracks. Heh heh no one will suspect the elephant in the room now (lala –> roeg) =D

  112. I would love to win this :-P My chances are slim, but I’ll bite.

  113. My GFX card is on it’s last legs, so this would be a godsend! Also, ya know, Yoshi’s a badass :D

  114. Been wanting to get this game, but my graphics card is old. This would be perfect!

  115. I’m still on GTX 470 at the moment. I shall leave to your imagination the difference this would provide. More to the point… FF<3

  116. This would make me extremely excited!! make my gaming experience much smoother and then get one of my friends to play as well. Here is a pic of my character cheering me on to win

  117. Tailless Galka needs him a signed CE and a new GPU would be nice lol

  118. Would be awesome to win. final fantasy Has Been a Favored Game Of Mine Since I Was a Young Boy

  119. Oh man I’d love this I just wish there was more FF games I could play on my pc

  120. Square Enix + Nvidia Grahpix FTW!!
    Currently replaying FFI – FFVI, tatics, and FF7 :D always, always replayable.

  121. Mine! My Laptop is signed by Yoshi-P I would love to add this to my collection!

  122. Id love to get the game for myself and give the card away to one of my friends that would need it…to play FFXIV of course!

  123. Seeing as I just got a new mobo and processor, this would be fantastic!

  124. I would like anything signed by Yoshi-P :p Mrhappy reporting for duty.

  125. Played since 1.0,the game had a great relaunch and i am having a great time with my old friends.

  126. Nice to see Square Enix also promoting this site! Good luck to everyone!

  127. FFXIV is amazing on PC! The GTX 650 would make this game more beautiful than it already is ^_____^

  128. That would be a sweet addition for my PC. This game is awesome the card is almost as good as the game!!

  129. I wish I had a copy. And the upgrade would be awesome. Wish I win!

  130. Love to have this! Rebuilding my PC, and this game would be great.

  131. I want i want gimme gimme i need a new graphics card and maybe i can play on my desktop i have LOL

  132. Love the game, would love to play it to its maximum potential. :D

  133. Oh man. it would be awesome to win this. I could finally play XIV on Maximum settings.

  134. Maybe them loading times will get better with this amazing upgrade.

  135. This would be an amazing upgrade, I already have the original version but always wanted the collector’s.

  136. Id love to get that collector’s Edition! hopefully they’ll give it to someone who deserves it.

  137. Could use the card. I have the original Collector’s Edition, would love to have this one too!

  138. Would be really awesome to win that card and signed collector’s edition.

  139. sweet graphics card and awesome copy of xiv?? who would resist signing up for it.

  140. Very Nice, With a Card like that It would be a Major Improvement to my Desktop’s Card that’s probably 4-5 years old. And to have a Signed Copy of this game would be so freaking awesome.

  141. This would be so cool! Would be honored to win such a great reward! Good luck to all participants and thanks for the generosity GamerEscape! =)

  142. i could realy use that super sweet upgrade myself! and a signed CE
    by yoshiP? icing on an already delicious cake <3

  143. I would be delighted to win such an awesome prize~ Keep up the good work Yoshida-san~

  144. That Signed Copy is awesome, but an upgrade for my GPU would be added awesome.!

  145. This would be a top-shelf addition to my Final Fantasy collection!

  146. I knew Yoshi-P and the team could do it.!! Legacy player for life !

  147. Would be cool to be able to play FF14:ARR in high, I only got a poor 400 series card.

  148. That would be so cool to win! I updated my system a little bit before the beta started, but it’s still not any kind of great at all >_>; I want to experience the game in all it’s glory!

  149. The card would definitely be an upgrade and the signed collectors edition would be a welcome addition to the shelf. Pick me! :D

  150. Thank you Gamerescape and Yoshi P for this amazing opportunity! Good luck to all!

  151. Love Final fantasy, and nividia stuff so those are both rather nice

  152. I would like to have a signed collector’s edition along with an upgrade card. Thanks for this promotion GE.

  153. Wow amazing, Yoshi-P-san! i would really love to have that Collector’s Edition sign by Yoshi-P-san desu! Would be awesome lol

  154. Up grade and a gift i procrastinated getting then sold out? Sign me up!

  155. Great contest! The prizes are pretty sweet too~ Dat signed collectors edition ;Q_

  156. I hope I win. >< Been looking to build a PC and this would be a HUGE saving if I could win both the PC edition of the game and the gfx card.

  157. I would love to win this, would be awesome to get this upgrade and I’d give the games key to a friend to get them playing the game as well :D

  158. A great coupling of HardWare/SoftWare compounded with some great collector flair. Great giveaway.

  159. Awesome! It’d be really nice to be able to play with higher settings. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  160. Not a heavy upgrade, but i would happily sacrifice that just for the signed copy, although it would be a tragedy to even use the item. That kind of thing should be seen and not used :p

  161. I really need this since I’m starting to build a computer, so this would be perfect to start off Final fantasy 14. Thanks GE!!

  162. Would be such an awesome Collectors item!!! Being in Texas we dont get to see much of anything as far as conventions to meet awesome people like Yoshi! Also, the video card is a major upgrade for me :D

  163. How could anyone pass up the chance to win a signed copy? I mean the graphics card is nice but the fanboy in me would prefer the signed edition.

  164. Final Fantasy grew up with it, late night smacked with it, even pausing the game system leaving it where I was at hoping the power didn’t go out with it……..welcome back

  165. This would be great to have since I’m building a new computer and am in need of a graphics card. The signed collectors edition would just kill me.

  166. This would be great to have since I’m building a new computer and am in need of a graphics card. The signed collectors edition would just kill me.

  167. been play FFXIV from the start of 1.0 would love to play the game in 60fps. wouldn’t mind having that signed poster, 吉田Pさん、いろいろありがとう^^。

  168. This would most definitely upgrade my PC for FFXIV! Best of luck to all. :D

  169. I still don’t own the ARR CE, would be nice to have along with the 1.0 CE.

  170. This is such a beautiful game, I would love to upgrade my graphics for it <3

  171. Hi guys! Never won a thing in life, this would make up for it though

  172. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for the longest time. This would be a good one for me.

  173. This looks like an awesome way to get to start playing this game :D thanks for the contest

  174. I would love have the opportunity to receive this prize, since 1.0 I was eager to play this game but my pc and lack of cash didn’t let me. Since 2.0 beta phases I been there waiting and trying to receive and opportunity like this. This upgrade would make me truly experience the world of FFXIV. The game would be awesome as I could finally play with my friends and family, and so battle along all worldwide companions. The sign of Naoki Yoshida would be remarkable as he is one of the responsible of uniting people on Eorzea

  175. I never win anything. There’s a first time for everything, right?

  176. I could use 1 of those cards and would love to have the signed CE version

  177. A graphic card that can handle the game with more than 10-12 FPS would be a very welcomed upgrade, however the real gem here is the extremely hard-to-find PC SE which is signed by Mr. Yoshida himself… Count me in. :)

  178. GTX 650 would be a nice upgraded, finally be able to play FFXIV at high settings!

  179. Would love to have this added to the collection! Long time Final Fantasy fan and avid player :D

  180. Would love to have a signed copy to display at work. As well as this awesome video card to help me play the game better!

  181. This would be an amazing Collector’s Dream. Plus nvidia is the only way to go.

  182. I’d love to get my girlfriend into this game! A new card to help build her a new computer and a signed copy of FFXIV by Yoshi would be the perfect starter kit! She knows how much I love playing this game, this would be super special!

  183. Glad to see SE and NVIDIA teaming up again, maybe we can get some optimized drivers

  184. Very nice prizes indeed, would love to see how FFXIV runs on that card.

  185. Wow, that’s doubly amazing! My fingers will be crossed for the next 12 days…

  186. Well, that’s one way to get people to comment. :D Good luck, everyone!

  187. Halone guide my blade! Err, my comment! This would be sweet, my old Nvidia card has carried on for many years and deserves a noble retirement, lol.

  188. I was thinking about downgrading my PC since I never use it for games… but adding that card would definitely add to its appeal. Using an AMD card at the moment, so I’d love to see how the Nvidia compares. FF14 at full resolution… oh my.

  189. Would definitely be better than the 4870 Im rocking now from 4 years ago…..

  190. Would love to get my hands on such a peice of hardware and get a signed copy of the game ;)

  191. My buddy kept telling me this game is great, finally bought it, and it really is fun. Could stand to see it with better graphics though!

  192. I absolutely love the game. My system is 5 years old so I don’t get to see the true beauty that it is. If I won this, I’d be able to see the game the way the developer’s want you to see it. I’m so glad they’re doing this contest. Good luck and congrats to whoever wins! <3

  193. Oh god I need this… Trying to start up a collection since I got an art book by Yoshitaka Amano. If I get this, my brain (and bank account) would explode…

  194. After playing 11 for years and taking a couple years off, just have to say ARR is awesome!

  195. FFXIV and GPU upgrades! XD
    I couldn’t think of a better combination!
    Thanks gamerescape!

  196. Not only was the Realm Reborn but they’re giving us a chance for our PC to be Reborn as well?! WOOT WOOT!!

  197. Would love to win this for my husband! We both play ARR, he got me a PS4 for my upgrade. Would love to do something for his! ^^

  198. I have been in the beta since phase 3 and it’s been fun. Good game, and it’s coming along nicely, month by month. I’ll be honest, it would be nice to upgrade my rig with a new video card.

  199. Sheesh, a 650 would be nice to have. I’m not too big of a Final Fantasy player but i’ve enjoyed the ones i’ve played. Who wouldn’t want this :P?

  200. I’d like this to give to my friend, so I have someone to play FFXIV with. :)

  201. Really appreciate the opportunity for this! Naoki Yoshida is my hero :D

  202. Would be happy to win this, nice upgrade for my current dying graphics card.

  203. Nobody could resist a signed CE edition by Yoshi himself. If they did, we’d have to lock him up in an asylum.

  204. This would be an awesome start for my gaming rig. I would finally be able to do sli which I never had the opportunity to do.

  205. I would love to see the art content associated with the game itself. Thank you for running this contest.

  206. playing on a 460 GTX. And I don’t have a SIGNED copy of FF XIV! It’s a win-win situation!

  207. This is an awesome game that deserves to be played on max settings!! Kudos to whoever wins that signed copy and graphics card :D

  208. That would be awesome to have. I missed out on the collector’s edition and I regret it now. :(

  209. I would love to win this card! :D Thank you very much for the contest!

  210. Please, please, please give me this PC collector’s edition.
    I intended to order it but I waited too long and they sold out last year ;.;

  211. Woot, gotta love the contest, could really use a new gpu. TY GamerEscape

  212. My fisherman needs more pixels to enjoy in the water. Looking to win #notabot

  213. I suppose I’d have to be a fool not to spend the three minutes required to sign up and comment. Get hype.

  214. So far I’ve gotten over 10 people to switch to FFXIV through social media and gameplay videos and this would definitely improve the quality of my campaign to get people to play the best mmo out there!

  215. This is a very cool contest hope to see more though your site :)

  216. This would be sweet…an upgrade AND a signed collector’s edition. Perfect.

  217. I’m so glad there’s a contest a creativity inept person like myself can enter! <3

    I've never actually made an account on GE, I've realized, but I've followed since way way back when Remotely Plausible aired. <3

    Thanks for the opportunity~

  218. This is the best game ever and I would love to play it on my computer with an oculus rift. Pick me and I’ll be the happyest fan boy EVER!!!! [email protected]

  219. I currently play on the PS3 and I have been dealing with unfortunate PS3 delay. Winning this graphics card would allow me to upgrade my PC and knock the sh*t out of Titan EX and avoid his tumults on time! Plus, I’d really dig the awesome CE Behemoth mount~

  220. great contest, would have no more excuses to keep playing on a ps3.

  221. Oh man would it be nice to win this. my current vid card is going out =(

  222. Hello, Gamer Escape! Hope you choose well! Hope you choose me! lol :P

  223. OMG this would be an excellent upgrade!, It would make my gameplay so much more exciting and everything in Eorzea would looks soooo much better :), thanks GamerEscape!, hope I win :)

  224. This is me commenting! In all seriousness, the graphics card would be nice but the signed copy of the game would be even better.

  225. Thanks for offering this. My PC is starting to hook and tuna bit sad.

  226. Am I the only one who doesn’t know anything about the graphics card but wants Yoshi-P’s signature? Yoshi-P sets my heart free!

  227. Would love to get some help on an upgrade for my PC to have a smoother experience. :)

  228. This would be so beyond awesome to win! I never win anything! Argghh!

  229. This would be an awesome upgrade for my PC. The game most run pretty good on a GTX 650. But the best part is the CE edition signed by Yoshi P, what an honor!

  230. Could use an upgrade for all that picky end game content. ;)

  231. Would certainly be a wonderful present for my girlfriend for her birthday in March, so she can play the game.

  232. I’m glad SE is finally reaching out to the fan sites! It’s a great to see them push more traffic to the information hubs of FFXIV:ARR. Congrats to whoever gets this awesome prize ^_^

  233. Would love to have it, been using this site for years and missed out being able to buy a collectors edition.

  234. This would definitely be the most awesome thing I’ve ever won. Especially since it would be the first lol! #fingerscrossed

  235. I would really love to have this!!! This would definitely be the most awesome thing I’ve ever won. Especially since it would be the first lol! #fingerscrossed

  236. I built my pc for ffxiv but i did not have the money to get a good graphics card. this would make the game look even better.