From Melvien’s Journal: The Ingrid Nobody Knows

Oh! My oh my, what a surprise.
It has certainly been awhile.
And how goes your work with colonization?

So we’ve progressed that far already, have we?

Reminds me of the Great Expedition of old, it does.

According to the annals of history, they managed to delve fairly deep into the hinterlands of Ulbuka back then.
Though that was long before my time, before I was even born…

Still, Ulbuka is dangerous territory.
“It is brimming with evil and impurity; one mustn’t go near it!”
I remember often hearing those words from my mother.
Please do be careful.
After all, exorcists are the only ones who can purge the evil.

By the way, speaking of exorcists – I hear the most powerful of them, the Weatherspoon prodigy, has returned to Adoulin.

Ah, you’ve met already, have you?
But I must say, that girl has changed considerably from the child she once was… Yes, she’s very different now.

Oh dear.
I’m afraid I have overstepped my bounds.
Please ignore my words…

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