Rest Ashored, Love is in the Garden!

Today is Valentione’s Day! Tomorrow is Valentione’s Day! The day after tomorrow is Valentione’s Day!
It’s happy Valentione’s Day every day until you finally receive your chocolate, kupo!

Now that the day has arrived, kupo…

Send a gift to that special person in your life to showyour affections, kupo!
Now is the time for Valentione’s Day.
A chance that only comes once a year, kupo!

Yet, perhaps some are feeling a bit too shy to give their chocolates.
And perhaps others are experiencing constant anxiety waiting to receive theirs.
It can be a nerve-racking time, or so I’ve heard, kupo.

Not to worry – we moogles are here to help adventurers such as you, kupo!

What’s important is courage, kupo.
Gather up all you can muster, and let’s meet Valentione’s Day head-on!
Leave it up to Mog Mail for all your chocolate delivery needs!

And you know…
Sometimes even moogles wish for an occasional chocolate from their masters, too…

I-it’s nothing, kupo! A little truth just slipped out, that’s all, kupo.

Well then, have a great Valentione’s Day!

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