3 thoughts on “FFXIV OST Now Available For Pre Order

  1. Okay so this whole thing comes with the collectors edition I just ordered right?

    1. It does not- what comes with the collector’s edition is a six track album containing city-state and field music

      1. Whaaaaaat??? I bought the Collectors’s Edition mostly for the soundtrack since I figured it was a steal. Oh well, I’ll keep it anyway. I have the PS3 edition and, although you get a free upgrade, I want a physical disk. This game is by far one of my all-time favorite games. It’s the online game I’ve been looking for since youth when I played Everquest… which I know is making a comeback soon on PS4! I think I’ve spent more time on FFXIV than any game in the past that I’ve beaten, at least per day (5 hours straight usually… then I play later too). Totally worth supporting and getting the extra stuff. The soundtrack is worth it too though so eventually will purchase. It truly deserves awards. Whelp, thanks for answering my question! :)


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