Dev Blog: Osaka FATE Complete!


Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, with a fun report from the ever secretive Project Manager M!

The team held their first live event of the new year in Osaka, Japan this past weekend and Project Manager M was kind enough to point out just how much fun she had!

Here’s what she had to say:
“Hey Bayohne,

I bet you’re having lots of fun in the warm “Winter” weather you’re having in Los Angeles, but I have to say, we’re having a lot of fun in Osaka! We held the first live “FATE” event here and invited fans from around Japan to attend the festivities!

Attendees took part in a special “Battle Challenge”!

We created a special “event” version of the Minstrel’s Ballad: Ultima’s Bane battle that 8 players could tackle at a time!

It was really cool! Groups that won received this really cool keepsake pin!
I bet you’re totally jealous, huh Bayohne?

The PlayStation 4 version of FFXIV was playable, too!

Attendees were the first in the world to try out the PS4 version of FFXIV!

Yoshida (BLM) and Assistant Director Takai (WAR) even showed off the game during a demo!

We had brand-new official merchandise debut at the show, too!

“Yet it must be saved.” – Gaius knows how to haggle for good discounts.

Some of the Development Team members were on hand to chat with fans!

They had a lot of fun interacting with the attendees all day. It’s rare to get to chat one on one with the fans.

The Letter from the Producer LIVE was super LIVE!

Broadcast straight from the venue, in front of a whole lot of players, I felt like the guys were more nervous than usual…

We were even joined by our special guest – Asst. Director Hiroshi Takai

Fans were able to leave special messages for the team on the board we set up! We can’t wait to put this up in the office!

And then…
Yoshida got into the desserts and everyone agreed that was a good time to end the event.

Well Bayohne, we all had a great time. Sorry I missed your text about buying you some merch, because I totally had my phone off. It won’t happen again! Probably. Well, maybe.

Anyway, you enjoy that warm weather! Hope to see you soon!
Project Manager M”

I really think she was rubbing all that fun they had in my face.
– Bayohne