Aetheryte Radio 60: Dalamundology


Aetheryte Radio is here with episode 60!

Tune in as Fusionx and Brin talk about Patch 2.15, parsers, and the boat load of goodies discussed in the most recent live letter!

Also, join the discussion on our forums where we try to guess the name of the next type of Allagan tomestone that will be available in Patch 2.2!

One thought on “Aetheryte Radio 60: Dalamundology

  1. sadly this patch looks like way too much of “more of the same”. The games not nearly as deep or addictive as XI was, they need some real depth to keep people playing (as i constantly see people playing for only a couple days or talking about how bored they are on the forums).

    More primals, more hard/extreme modes of 1-2-3 dungeons, very scripted fights and simple rotation combat, little to no reason to be in the world…come on SE, 1,23 showed you could do better…lets see it happen, but for me im done with the game until they can do something with it thats not the “standard”.

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