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Unsure about Lightning Returns? Well, Try Before Buying and get a DLC Outfit!

21 Jan 2014

Final Fantasy XIII as a franchise title has been a bit dodgy. Despite the success of Lightning as a character, the games themselves aren’t exactly stellar. So if you’re one of those FF buffs who are skeptical about the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that is not exactly hard to understand. However, Square Enix seeks to quell those fears by offering fully playable demos of Lightning Returns!


Released today for Xbox 360 and later in the day for Playstation 3, a fully  playable demo for LIGHTNING RETURNS : FINAL FANTASY ® XIII is now available for download off of the respective system’s e-store. Those who download the game will play as Lightning as she explores the Yusnaan home of her former ally Snow. The demo will feature much of the functionality in the retail version of the game, such as color customization and the revamped battle system. As an added bonus, those who download the game will also get the Utsusemi Garb DLC outfit for free and the additional Siegfried outfit for completing the demo and posting the battle score. Both outfits will be available for purchase after the game release.

You can download the demo below: