Lorecast 1: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities


Today we’re excited to announce Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio!

Lorecast will be accompanying future entries of our Lore Train and Lore Crafting columns as our resident lore experts discuss the contents of the articles and everything surrounding their facts and theories.

Being a part of Aetheryte Radio, you’ll be able to download episodes and get into contact with us the same way you always have. You can download Lorecast episodes right off our Aetheryte Radio feed, and you can e-mail all your questions to [email protected] and follow us on twitter @aetheryteradio.

Our premiere episode will discuss Lore Crafting: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities which you can read here.

One thought on “Lorecast 1: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities

  1. Great show guys, I’m already looking forward to the next one. Just put it on and did my daily beastman quests today, was very informative and I learned a few things about the FFXIV lore I didn’t know :)

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