Lore Crafting: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities


Occupying the realm as what the Garleans refer to as the Eikons or false gods, the Adventurer’s of Eorzea have had to combat a threat that emerged upon the conclusion of the Battle of Silvertear skies.
The Primals that are summoned by Eorzea’s beastmen pose a large threat that is unlike that of the Garlean Empire because once defeated, these creatures of the aether can simply be re-summoned, regaining their form and strength (which can even be increased) in order to fight once again.
In this edition of Lore Crafting we’re going to take a look at both the Primals and Summons that have come into existence on Hydaelyn in addition to an examination of the existence of the true gods- the Twelve deities of Eorzea that are worshiped by man.

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Spoiler Warning: The below text includes dialogue from Patch 2.1’s Main Scenario quests, specifically those involving Good King Moggle Mog XIII.


In the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, the battle of Silvertear Sky took place. The Garlean Empire, moving into Eorzea after their win over Ala Mhigo was met by an unlikely opponent. As the fleet passed into the region of Mor Dhona, they were met with an army of dragons, led by the might serpent Midgardsormr, who legends say was put there by the gods (the twelve) in order to guard the lake for underneath the lake laid a great source of energy- aether.

As the battle in the skies raged on, Midgardsormr coiled itself around the Garlean’s flagship the Agrius and the two began crashing towards the earth. As the ship impacted in the middle of Silvertear Lake, the fuel cells of the Agrius erupted in a mighty explosion which saw the end of both the ship, and the guardian of the lake.

Upon this explosion, the seal under the earth was ruptured and broken. In a mighty explosion of green light, the seal released beams of light into the sky. For some this may have appeared as an awesome result of the legendary serpents death, however we know of at least one person who was present during the encounter that saw the beams of light for what they truly were- Primals.


As the beams of light erupted from the lake, the figures of Ifrit and Titan could be made out as they beams shot forth to the far corners of the land. It was only shortly after this encounter, that the beastmen tribes of Eorzea were able to use ancient techniques to call forth these creatures for themselves.

It is my belief that the Primals were sealed away in this source of aether under Mor Dhona, much like Bahamut was in Dalamud. After the seal was broken, it then became possible to summon them, which the beast tribes did shortly after thanks to some help from the Ascians who taught them how to summon their gods. Of course who sealed them there is a larger question- could it have been The Twelve, who then placed Midgardsormr there to guard the seal as the legends say? Or did the Allagan Empire have some involvement?

Before moving forward, I feel it’s important to attempt to define what a Primal is. For this piece, I’m going to define a Primal as a being that exists within the aether  is called forth by a group of beastmen via a summoning ritual which usually involves prayer, and a certain amount of energy to help the creature take physical form such as aspected crystals and/or a sacrifice.

Next, we move onto a creature that, while called forth by the same means as a Primal, is not, by the definition above a Primal.

“It is our beliefe that Good King Moogle Mog XII is a myth made manifest via means akin to those employed by the beast tribes in the summoning of their gods.”

That is to say- that the Good King may not exist within the aether in the same way that Titan or Ifrit do and may simply be the result of the Moogles using the aether around them to manifest a physical entity simply from their own memories as opposed to the beastmen tribes who are able to tap into a certain source of aether that is specific to a Primal.

“Waaait… You’re saying a handful of moogles with a boatload of crystals wished really, really hard and he just sort of appeared? …Would that even work?”


In the quest dialogue surrounding the re-emgergence of his Moggliness, it it said that the Moogles simply thought “really, really hard” in order to summon their King. This would imply that, in theory, if a bunch of Lalafells gathered together and wished that a giant, god-like Hot Dog knight would appear… that it just actually might.

At present, Good King Moggle Mog XII is the only example of a summon that may not have pre-existed within the aether. If this is true, and the Moogles have simply given form and power to an old story, something they believe in, than that would mean that the five races could do the same with their own gods- The Twelve.

Just as with the Moogles, we have only heard about the deities such as Nymeia and Halone in stories. Save for two statues of Nald and Thal ( twins who merged together and became Nald’thal) we have not seen any physical representations of the Twelve during our time in Eorzea. We can create images in our minds of what they might look like since we have some details about them, however there is not a set standard for their physical appearance.

Five years ago, upon the eve of the Calamity, Louisoix Leveluir traveled Eorzea and engraved the symbols of each of the Twelve deities at various locations throughout the realm. He then pleaded to Adventurer’s to travel to each of these glyphs and pray for the power of the Twelve to stop Dalamud and prevent the fall of the red moon.

At the battle of Cartenau, Dalamud fell closer to the planet and was destroyed as it was revealed that Dalamud was not simply meteor, but a prison for the Elder Primal Bahamut, who once free, began his assault on the realm itself.

Lousoix raised his staff and called on the power of the Twelve in an attempt to rid Eorzea of Bahamut’s wrath. A circle appeared around the wyrm and with it the same symbols that the Adventurer’s were asked to pray to- the symbols of The Twelve.


Could it be, that just like Moggle Mog, the Twelve deities do not exist? We were told to pray at nothing more than symbols and when the time came, those symbols that we focused on are what manifested- not physical manifestations of the deities themselves. It’s an interesting idea to entertain.

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3 thoughts on “Lore Crafting: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities

  1. Yes there is something fishy about the twelve. They either don’t exist, or are foreign invader gods, or something. I recall thinking to myself that perhaps they don’t exist, but then at times I think they might for instance when Louisoix says that the planet cannot handle the power of 12 gods summoned into the world. I sometimes wonder if the Ascians and the Garleans are actually right.

  2. I had a really silly thought as I listened to this. I don’t think that Louisoix cast any sort of spell to bind Bahamut.
    Dalamud is a sphere with spear or sword like protrusions. Also, Dalamud appears to be only just large enough to hold Bahamut. The structure of Dalamud appears to be many interlocking plates with irregular, right-angled edges.

    The spell Louisoix cast to bind Bahamut created a sphere not much larger than Bahamut, created the sphere using rectangular-ish pieces, and spear/sword-like objects also entered the sphere and protruded from it.

    If you take the similarities between Dalamud and the binding spell, and add in the last CS from the Binding Coil… I think that Louisoix used another form of Allagan defense system to try and make a new Dalamud, and The Twelve and their symbols are part of the Allagan tech. Perhaps there are 12 “emitters” of some sort that are required for the system to function, and they’re thought-activated. The reason it didn’t work is because it only barely worked the first time, when the system was well-maintained and new.

    If that is the case, and it was over 5 millenia ago, there’s plenty of time for these 12 symbols and the great power they are said to contain to get turned into gods in oral traditions.

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten Turn 5 down yet (and I haven’t spoiled it for me) At some point I’d like to summarize it as a Lore Train piece, but not sure when I’ll do that. Maybe at Patch 2.2?

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