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Final Fantasy VI Now Out on Android

16 Jan 2014

We’re all Final Fantasy fans here and, let’s be honest, there are a lot of Final Fantasy games spanning a long period of time. Over these past few years though, we’ve seen more than a few remasters and re-releases – including the announcement of Final Fantasy X and X-2 and the re-release of Final Fantasy VII on Windows just to name a few. However, its been a while since we’ve some of the more classic FF games re-released for the modern audience. That changes today as it looks like Square Enix is about to fill that gap.


Officially available now on Google Play, Square Enix has re-released Final Fantasy VI – a SNES classic about Empires, Magitek and Rebellion. Yep, this is the game that gave us our Magitek walkers in Final Fantasy XIV. For many FF fans, myself included, it ranks among my top 5 favorite JRPGs and is a must play for any FF fan if you haven’t already.


The Android port is said to have updated graphics, magicites, cutscenes and … wait for it…touch controls. While I find one of those features a tad bit gimmicky, it never the less makes me happy to see such a great game see the light of day again.


You can grab the game on Google Play for $15.99 and while that seems a bit high I find it’s still worth it for such a great game. And sorry iOS gamers, no news on an iPhone or iPad version yet.