Final Fantasy Tactics Designer Matsuno takes to Kickstarter for Newest Game

Kickstarter is extremely well known by now for being a way for small studios and game creators to get the money they need to make their game; whether that game is a remake, an indie game, or whatever. However, its not exactly known as a medium for games of the caliber of Final Fantasy: Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, or Vagrant Story. I mean, lets be honest here, Japanese games on Kickstarter?

So imagine my surprise when I get wind of a new game by legendary game designer Yasumi Matsuno, whom as you’ve probably deduced by know, was the man behind Final Fantasy: Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, or Vagrant Story. In a partnership with Playdek, a company known for its mobile games, Matsuno will be creating a new JRPG tactics game called Unsung Story: Tales of the Guardians. 


Playdek and Matsuno are looking to raise $600,000 US to develop the game for multiple platforms, including PC and Mac – essentially banking on the enormous fan response to the game designer – and it is said to feature vibrant, immersive worlds and intense, tactical game play. It will feature riveting characters and an all-new original story by Matsuno himself. The game will also feature music by composer Hitoshi Sakimoto who also composed the music for Final Fantasy: Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, and Valkyria Chronicles, just to name a few.


According to Joel Goodman, CEO of Playdek, “The tremendous outpouring of fan support for our partnership with Yasumi Matsuno and the new creative property Unsung Story prompted us to turn to the Kickstarter community to bring the game to as many gamers as we can with a cross-platform launch plan. The Playdek team has a long-history of video game development with AAA titles launching on every major platform, so we’re well positioned to take on this challenge. We’re hoping to enlist our huge fan support and let our audience be a part of something really special.”

For more information you can check out the official Kickstarter page here, where they feature concept art, and a promotional video and if this kind of thing tickles your fancy, pledge some money to the project and get in on some awesome goodies.