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After Meteor Soundtrack On Its Way? Might Be More Than 6 Hours Long

14 Jan 2014

We haven’t seen much news on the After Meteor soundtrack and given how popular the Before Meteor release was for Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, it’s a bit of a surprise considering A Realm Reborn’s popularity. However, we at Gamer Escape have learned via Twitter that we may be seeing a release for the Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 soundtrack pretty soon.

Masayoshi Soken, the Sound Director and a composer for FFXIV: ARR, can be found tweeting about the completion of some Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn sound design work, specifically in relation to the soundtrack. From what we can tell, it will be more than 6 hours long and they even tried to push the Blu-Ray limit of 8 hours or music, although its unlikely we will see that many tracks. There is also some talk of MP3 source files also planned for this release, much like the Before Meteor soundtrack.

If you’re wondering, Before Meteor, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, was just over 5 hours and 104 songs, so this new one would be about an hour longer. Pretty exciting, and we can be sure that Mr. Soken is excited too considering the photo included with the tweet.