Refreshing Landscapes and In-Game Footage for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Explored in New Video

The North American release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right the corner and just in time, we get the third and final part of the “Inside the Square” series of videos featuring the new title. Again narrated by the ever-so-lovely voice of Ali Hillis, the new footage of Square Enix’s Lightning Returns development team asks them what they would do if the world were to end in 13 days. The answers range from charming to hilarious and it gives great insight into the hearts and minds of the people behind Lightning Returns.

Also featured in the video are new landscapes and vistas as well as in-game footage of new game mechanics such as the countdown clock, also known as the Doomsday Clock, that will mark the end of the world in Lightning Returns. If you’re excited for the game and want to learn more, or just indeed wondering what its like to work on the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise its worth a watch!

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