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The Crafter's Corner - Crafting in 2.1: Housing, Furnishings and Dyes (Oh, my!)

6 Jan 2014


Happy new years, crafters! A few weeks ago, we were given a huge boost to content in patch 2.1, and this week I’m going to catch you up on how that affects us as builders of the realm. Housing has been introduced, and with that a plethora of furnishings has been added to our recipe lists. Each crafting class got at least some sort of a boost:


As you can see above, Goldsmith received the largest amount of new recipes, while Culinarian the least. The entire list of new recipes, complete with ingredients and crystal requirements can be found here: 2.1 Crafting Recipes

With this influx of new items to create, crafters now have new challenges to tackle. For example, when creating one of the new “2-star” furnishings, I noticed the difficulty of filling up the progress bar was greatly increased, forcing me to utilize all my skills in simply completing the craft (with no attention payed to quality, since furnishings cannot be “HQ’d,” much like dyes).

Furnishings weren’t the only new additions to our crafting repertoires. A slew of new dyes have been added, as well, to add a dash of decadence to the pieces of gear we can create.


The changes in 2.1 aren’t all we’re in store for, however. In the October 30th Letter from the Producer Q&A, we’ve learned of the following upcoming features for crafters:

  • Craftable Jukeboxes will be added in an upcoming patch; used in housing, jukeboxes will allow players to play music in-game.
  • Crafting Workshops, useful for churning out large amounts of low level materials.
  • Workshops will also allow players to build Airships to “take [along with you while] adventuring”

They’re certainly keeping us busy, as of patch 2.1, with more features on the horizon. Join me on next weeks The Crafter’s Corner where we’ll begin to discuss Crafting Theories (methods for creating HQ items, efficiency, the benefit of certain abilities over others), one of the most debated topics in the community. In the meantime, push yourself into creating some of the beautiful new items that have been added to our books.


Have a question you’d like answered in next weeks article? Comment here or e-mail [email protected]