New Year’s Greetings!

Hello there, everyone.

FFXIV: ARR Producer and Director Yoshi-P here to wish all of you a Happy New Year!
Just over four months ago we released FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, and even now we’re overwhelmed by the incredible reception it has received. On behalf of myself and the entire team, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support.

December 17 saw the release of the game’s first major update. Patch 2.1—A Realm Awoken, introduces various new ways to adventure in Eorzea, including new main scenario quests, the Wolves’ Den, free company housing, beast tribe quests, the Crystal Tower, treasure hunts, and much more.

Now that holiday season has arrived, I’ve had time to enjoy a bit of raiding in the Crystal Tower, dungeons via Dungeon Roulette, and putting players to sleep in the Wolves’ Den (lol). While I haven’t had time to play hard core, I’ve finally managed to make it to Turn 5 in the Binding Coil of Bahamut. With my first of many overseas business trip coming up next week, you can be sure I’m going to enjoy Eorzea to the fullest while I still have time.

But enough about the past—let’s talk about what’s in store for 2014. And what a fitting year for the fourteenth installment of FINAL FANTASY! The PlayStation 4 will be releasing here in Japan on February 22, a date which will also mark the beginning of beta testing for the PlayStation 4 version of FFXIV: ARR. Preparations are well underway, and we want to make sure that PlayStation 4 users around the world can get right into the action with no need to apply beforehand. Boasting the new Share feature and Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita, the planned April release of the PlayStation 4 version should be a momentous occasion indeed!

Work on the PlayStation 4 is full steam ahead, but needless to say, we’re already waist deep in work for patch 2.2 as well. Leviathan is preparing to unleash his fury on Eorzea, new quests, items, and recipes are being added, and the Binding Coil of Bahamut will see additional twists and turns. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the keyword for 2.2 is looking to be “Maelstrom.”

From fan events to world tours, we have big plans that are going to blow you away as we work to put the XIV in 2014. We hope you all will enjoy the many new adventures waiting around the corner this year.

But…what’s this? As we ring in the new year with the realm’s awakening, it would seem another passage from the journal of a certain legendary Eorzean hero has been uncovered…

What dark forces will Eorzea’s Warriors of Light face this time? You’ll find out as the story unfolds throughout the year. May 2014 be a year of grand adventure for you all!


FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer/Director
Naoki Yoshida

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  1. “shades unsheathed”?! Shades are like shadows.. shadows ninja cast. NINJA JOB CONFIRMED!!!

  2. I fear for Coerthas and Ishgard… that being said maybe Ishgard will finally be opening its gates?

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