The Crafters Corner: Back to Basics – Part One


Happy Holidays, fellow crafters! It’s time to take a look back and give a helping hand to those fledgeling crafters who aren’t worried about crafting the latest furnishings and 2-star gear, but just trying to get started. The entire crafting system may seem overwhelming, at first, but I’m here to explain why it’s very simple and easy to get the hang of. So, worry not, new guys – I’ve got your back.

After you’ve reached level 10 in your starting class, you’ll have the ability to unlock all the crafting classes. For each class, you’ll need to do a simple quest in which you’ll be awarded your first crafting tool. Simply take a trip down to the crafting guild of your choice and follow what the guildmaster tells you – it’s very self-explanitory.

Once you’re ready to start crafting, you’ll want to open your crafting interface (accessed via the mini-menu) which will look like this:


This is were you will come across your first recipes. This is where you’ll see each craft has Durability, Difficulty and Quality.

Durability, in crafting, can be compared to an “HP” bar – run out and your craft will fail. There will be skills, later on, that will “extend” the life of your durability bar.

Difficulty is just a “level” of the craft itself, and Quality – the most important stat – affects the chance of making a High-Quality item and the amount of experience you will recieve once the craft is completed.

Quality is something many new crafters overlook – you can “quick synth” 10 items in a row and only gain a fraction of the experience you would have gained if you simply put as much as you could into one item’s quality. Starting out, you’ll only have one skill that can affect quality, “Basic Touch,” which you gain at level 5.

Let’s craft your first item. First, you’ll need ingredients. For training purposes, I’m going to reference Hempen Yarn for Weaver – the ingredients needed for this craft are at the Weaver’s Guild, which will be the case for almost any of the items for levels 1-10 for all crafting classes. Finding your first ingredients should be as simple as going to the guild’s shop. Second, you’ll need shards. You should be awarded the shards you’ll need for your first craft by your starting quest. Shards are obtained by quests and farming on such jobs as Botanist and Miner.

For Hempen Yarn, you’ll need two Moko Grass, for a total of 4 gil from your guild’s shop, and one lightning shard. Open your crafting interface to confirm that you have the ingredients. It’s very simple to see whether or not you have an item, the quanities will be highlighted:


Now, hit your “Synthesize” button in the bottom right of your crafting interface. If you’re only level 1, you won’t be able to affect the quality of the item just yet, so all you’re aiming to do here is finish the craft by repeatedly hitting “Basic Synthesis.” If you have reached level 5, however, you can attempt to throw in a couple of “Basic Touches” in there to improve your quality and experience.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your first craft. Wasn’t too difficult, was it? Some players coming from Final Fantasy XI may worry about the difficulty due to the system in XI being completely different. In XIV:ARR, we don’t need to worry about the direction we’re facing or such easy synthesis failures.

That’s all for this week’s “Back to Basics” – next week, part two, where we’ll go over the type of gear you’ll want, the abilities you’ll gain in your first ten levels, and some easy starting techniques to improve your quality. In the meantime, have a happy holidays!

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