Developers’ Blog: Stay Frosty, My Friends


Greetings, everyone!

Have you visited the city-states lately? If you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed… things are a lot chillier! That’s right, the Starlight Celebration has begun!




Limsa Lominsans are getting into the season!


However, Ul’dah won’t be outdone!


Adventurers around the realm have begun dressing up in their finest Starlight attire!



Be sure to try out the /visor command in your new snowman outfit! (It really helps to be able to see what you’re fighting…)


As you can see, we have a lot of fun rewards for this year’s Starlight Celebration, as well as rewards from the previous years, too!


We’re so excited for you all to experience the Starlight Celebration that we even created a screenshot contest focused on it. We want to see your best event-focused screenshots and we’ll select 100 winners to receive the Ahriman Choker in-game item! Visit the forum for details!

Stay warm and enjoy the festivities!

– Bayohne