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We would like to inform you that Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida has made a post on the official forums regarding the price of land in the housing system, implemented in patch 2.1.

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Regarding Housing Price
This is FFXIV: ARR Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida. First of all, allow me to express my thanks to all of you who have offered feedback on the matter of housing prices. Needless to say, I have been following the discussion very closely.In this post, I would like to clarify our fundamental stance toward housing prices, and offer a better picture of how players can expect prices to fall in the near future.
(My apologies in advance if this post gets a bit wordy.)

Fundamental Pricing Stance
Our fundamental stance toward housing prices was that we wanted to ensure that plots would be evenly distributed, avoiding a situation in which the wealthiest players could easily buy up all available plots of land. Please understand that while we will be adding servers and expanding housing areas as soon as we can, it is simply physically impossible for us to accomplish this easily, in a matter of one or two weeks.If the initial price of land was easily within the means of wealthy players, one can envision all available plots of land being snatched up immediately, leaving other players—even those possessing the necessary gil—unable to purchase land for an extended period of time. Seeking to avoid this, we made the difficult decision to go forward with the pricing scheme we presented, aware that many players would be unable to afford housing for a while.

Eorzean Economy Review
Before determining the initial (or maximum) prices for land, we conducted an extensive survey of the Eorzean economy across multiple Worlds, including:

  • The total amount of gil possessed by all players
  • The total amount of gil possessed by all active players on each World
  • The number of active free companies and members on each World
  • The total amount of gil owned by all active players belonging to each free company on all Worlds
  • The amount of gil entering the economy and circulating in the market on a given day in each World
  • Distribution of the above (X% belonging to the most wealthy, Y% belonging to the middle class, Z% to the less wealthy, etc.)

Needless to say, RMT traders are served with immediate bans and their gil removed from circulation, so these figures are not included in the above. In addition, to account for gil generated by RMT abuses that might still be in circulation, an additional 10% or so was subtracted from the figures we arrived at.

What we realized from this survey was that the wealthiest players in each world had at their disposal an amount of gil that was considerably higher than one would imagine. In each legacy World, there are more than ten players in possession of over one hundred million gil. Even in non-legacy Worlds, there are a significant number of players with several million gil.

The Future Price of Housing
In conducting this survey, we created a forecast for gil distribution in the three-month period following the release of patch 2.1. In doing so, we anticipated that:

  • Players will be seeking to earn more gil than they have thus far, and
  • The overall amount of gil generated each day will be higher (in fact, considerably higher) with the release of patch 2.1

…and adjusted our forecast accordingly.

The results of this forecast, with the necessary adjustments for differences between the various Worlds, formed the basis for the depreciated “XX Days Later” prices presented in the patch notes.

With this pricing scheme, we sought a balance in which roughly 80% of all existing free companies will be able to purchase at least a small-sized plot in three months’ time.

I understand that, in taking these measures to ensure even distribution of land, we are asking for considerable patience from those players who are eager to enjoy housing right away. While I sympathize with players concerns, we believe that this is in the best long-term interests of the game.

The Regulation of Starting and Final Prices
As mentioned within the patch notes, we will closely monitor land purchases, and consider revising prices as necessary according to World population and economy. Please keep in mind that prices will decrease every six hours from the opening of the servers, and will continue to drop even during maintenance. Furthermore, plots of land released in the future will never be more expensive.

Legacy World Price Adjustments
Due to the prodigious amount of gil in circulation in legacy Worlds, we regret that current housing prices may be prohibitive to the following players:

  • Those new to the game who started on legacy Worlds
  • Those returning to a legacy World after taking an extended break
  • Those on a legacy World who have been unable to save gil

Upon considering the feedback we have received since the release of the patch notes, we have decided to make the following adjustments:

  • Land prices will start at the figures indicated in the patch notes
  • From January 2014, devaluation will be adjusted every two weeks
  • After three months, final land prices will match those of World Group 3

* World Group 3 (third listed in the patch notes)
Bahamut / Behemoth / Cactuar / Carbuncle / Chocobo / Diabolos / Fenrir / Garuda / Gilgamesh / Ifrit / Leviathan / Mandragora / Midgardsormr / Odin / Ramuh / Shiva / Siren / Tiamat / Titan / Tonberry / Ultros

Although this takes place over the course of three months, land prices in legacy Worlds will eventually fall to match those of World Group 3. In the event that pricing changes are made to this group, the same will be applied to legacy Worlds.

By adjusting devaluation at set intervals rather than in one go, we hope to prevent a sudden rash of purchases.

The introduction of housing will help to unify the perceived value of gil in each individual World. Furthermore, it has presented an opportunity for us to consider the lifting of restrictions on transfers between between legacy and non-legacy Worlds.

Personal Housing
While I cannot give a specific date on when personal housing will be implemented, I can say that prices will be completely separate from free company housing, and, naturally, far more affordable.

In Summary

  • The final price of land on all Worlds is subject to adjustments, and may fall lower
  • Over the course of three months, prices on legacy Worlds will fall to match those of World Group 3
  • Personal housing will be far more affordable than free company housing

We realize that these measures will not immediately satisfy all players, especially those on legacy Worlds who are either new to the game or returning from extended absences. We ask for your patience and understanding as we strive to create a balanced housing system.

3 thoughts on “Regarding Housing Prices

  1. The bit about not being able to expand housing area servers in one or two weeks is such a load of BS. How long has this content been in development? How long have they known they would need additional servers? I’m not buying it one bit.

    Additionally, and again as I listed in my response to housing prices, FC Housing is patch 2.1 content. It should not be affordable ONLY by the time that patch 2.2 comes out. This was a heavily advertised feature that no one is able to participate in because of their pricing decisions.

  2. Ya rofldrg has it pretty solid. This was originally supposed to be something near launch…then pushed to 2.1, told it would be 3-5 peoples amount of good gil from leveling 1 job to 50 each, something everyone would be able to do. And yet its turned into a grind fest even for the best of us.

    Legacy servers going to group 3 in 3 months…I like the idea but why not start now? Cause in 3 months people are going to have the money to buy it…which means they don’t have the money now. Which means its overpriced already.

    My concern I haven’t heard from people is how this will affect Legacy transfers off servers? I would have gladly paid to get off my Legacy server around launch just to get to a new place, not to mess with market but get off of a server that I couldn’t log into post launch. Now with 12 of my 15 in the FC are NEW players, they didn’t have that kind of money to pull from 1.0. Now with them still saying theres up to a 10x discrepancy between old servers and new servers (4mil for cheapest on cheapest server vs 40 for cheapest on most expensive), I bet this has affect their thinking. 1.0 players are getting punished for having played before and sticking with what they have it seems.

    People shouldn’t be punished by an in-game system for what server they choose. New people may never know that the server they want is the one thats 10x the prices. XI never messed with dynamis prices though I’m sure there was just as much economic difference at times.

  3. This would be the least of reasons why I play any MMO(especially FFXIV). I can’t care less what they do with housing or what the reason for their constant “dragging ass” and crazy pricing decisions.

    \just give me a DAMN TENT!// >.<

    It could be a marketing stunt or plain goof on their part, w/e. They couldn't even deliver crystal tower! The creative team must be pulling ideas out of "where the sun doesn't shine" to lengthen the content(…with more content. When ever keeps the fans playing I guess).

    I'm just taking a vacation, nuffsed.

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